13 September 2012

AFF Women`s Championship : Philippines 0-3 Myanmar

First match of AFF Women`s Championship in Vietnam

Philippines vs Myanmar at 5 pm (Manila time)

Philippines playing Myanmar which they lost 2-0 in the previous championship

Philippines playing Vietnam on Saturday and Singapore on Monday

No Philippines tv

Result will be updated in my blog

Expected starting XI : Palacios, Dayot, O'Connor, Magdolot, Alquiros, Benitez, Nierras, P.Impelido, Modero, Ladero, Cooke.

5 min Myanmar score 0-1
38 min Myanmar score 0-2

0-2 HT

88 min Myanmar score 0-3

0-3 FT

In the second match in the group today , Vietnam won 10-0 against Singapore


  1. It's 5pm Philippine time not 7.

  2. you are right , sorry...

    Myanmar leading 0-2 after 40 mins

  3. .......PERFORMANCE..??? ...NO COMMENT ....

  4. tsk tsk...NO COMMENT!

  5. Lower your expectations. Football is not a indigenous sport here. Kung ang men's team nga hirap na hirap pano pa kaya ang women's.

  6. LOL @ Ernie Nierras for thinking they could actually win it this year!

    What's also ironic is that, Nierras has gotten stick for setting a target that's not realistic at this point in time yet Palami stays criticism free.

    For the U-23's Palami was the one who came out and said the target for last year's SEA Games was to reach the knockout round at least. That obviously didn't happen yet he stayed unscathed. He was the one who set the target of reaching the semis at least for the AFC Challenge Cup. Fortunately that did happen so he naturally stayed unscathed. He was also the one who came out and said the target for the Suzuki Cup is the FINALS. Let's be honest, that's not realistic. I'd also bet that when they fail to reach that target he'll once again stay unscathed!

    What's even more ironic is that Palami isn't even a coach! At least for Nierras he is!

    1. so where is ernie nierras now? is he still pissed?

      anyway, what the hell have you got against dan palami? without him, you wouldnt be on this blog posting stupid comments. all you have is hindsight, and nothing more.

      shut the fuck up now.

    2. Oh fuck off you cunt!!

      You're a prime example of what was said above!! Double fucking standards!! Laughable all day long!!

      What do I have against Palami?!? Shouldn't it be fucking obvious?!? You're the smart ass, you should be able to see it with what's posted above! But just for you, here it is... just like Nierras, he goes around setting idiotic and unrealistic targets as if he's some sort of glory hunting bitch! If they fulfill those targets, who's gonna praised, he will and he damn sure knows it!! Yet, when they don't, he stays all pretty like a princess on the side and doesn't get criticized. BS!!! He also runs the national team as if he owns it like a club team, it's a fucking joke!

      Without him I wouldn't be posting?!? Again, laughable!! I've known and have made comments even before Palami came along. I've also been following the national team way before that fat ass came into the picture! You on the other hand love to follow every word and action of his like he's some sort of god. You might as well suck his cock while you're at it!

      Hindsight?!? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You're the one that needs to STFU!!

    3. What double standards? I criticized Palami too for running the Azkals like its a club. Weiss musta have cum in his pants when he learned what Palami wants for the Azkals, and how to get it. Oh yeah he came in his pants, his bop gun went off and ripped a hole in it. Yeah who wouldn't? He gets to experiment and use outlandish tactics like the Azkals is Barcelona. Yeah I got irritated when they complained about the horrible pitch in Cambodia, blaming it as the reason they couldnt get their Barca style passing game, then go to Laos and lose to an under 21 team! Laos pitch is perfect for that passing game, yet they couldnt string a couple of passes together and to make matters worse they turn it into royal rumble.

      So yeah, i criticize Palami. And then I move on.

      Ok so Palami was off with his predictions in the SEA Games. Yeah that was a disgrace ok, embarrassing and you were really jumping up and down what a fag. So what? Why is that the end of the world for you? He got criticized for it, then we move on. You should do that too you wop cocksucker.

      Get a move on cockhead!

    4. Ernie is still pissed though. Oh I am waiting for that interview with the king yabang. Hes pissed.

    5. palusot siguro bad officiating na naman...

    6. @ Anonymous13 September 2012 17:22

      "So yeah, i criticize Palami. And then I move on."

      BS! You're only saying that now because I brought it up! You were one of those that crucifies Weiss and then lets Palami off the hook!

      Palami never got criticized for the shit showing back in the SEA Games. It was WEISS!! Palami stayed all pretty on the side while everyone was on Weiss' back!

      It's not just that. What I also failed to mention above was that Palami is always in the media! Every other report there it's always Palami you hear from! He wants this, he wants that, he wants to get this, to get that, win this, win that.... like I said, he's not a fucking coach. His position within the national team is suppose to be more behind the scenes yet what he does is the complete opposite as if he's trying to emphasize that everything that is happening now is because of him! BS!!!

      Sometime last year, he was interviewed (its on Manila Bulletin if I remember correctly), where he said something about the players or even the fans didn't know who the manager was (manager wasn't really noticed) prior to him being manager. That alone says a lot! He's trying to make it a point that everyone should notice him. Glory fucking hunting!! More so since he's taken a role and responsibility which he was never obliged to take on and one which you would or should be barely noticed!

      But if you want to continue on sucking his cock because of the notion that he's some sort of Philippine football saviour, then by all means do what you gotta do!! LOL!!!!!!

    7. holy fucking shit you are! you are laughable beyond limits! got an axe to grind against Palami? haha you're such a pathetic loser. i can't even digest why every failure in football you attribute it to Palami. bobo mo naman, bakla pa! i am guessing you are either one who's never good enough for the team or got snubbed to be noticed just like that hotdog vendor! or maybe you are the hotdog vendor? LOL! get a life man. you're boring everyone of us here na. haha

    8. Oi mga pare..huwag na natin idamay si Palami dito...

    9. edi palitan mo si palami! dami mo palang reklamo eh. galing mo magsalita eh. palitan mo na!!!

  7. “If we don’t make it to the finals, we will be disappointed.”
    -sana ang sinabi nya na lang "If we dont win a game,we will be disappointed..pero alam na...inuna yung yabang..

    1. Yan! Hahahaha! Ang yabang kasi eh. Last year sabi niya after a humiliating defeat, "Im pissed" LOL! Ang bobo!

  8. Last year they lost 2-0 to Myannmar and Ernie said afterwards "I'm pisssed". It's tough to see have losing 2-0 to a team ranked in the top 50 in the world is humiliating. In hindsight, Ernie was overly optimistic. Why would anybody want to put him down for that? Why would anyone not want the WNT to succeed? They are the classic Filipino story. Nothing gets given to them. They get no money. They have to work at two jobs. They donate their time to help the disadvantaged. They love their country. They are feeling down today and the crabs are out hoping to make them feel even worse.

  9. dito natin makikita na walang kwentang coach si nierras...pero may chance naman tayong manalo against singapore..wooohooo...btw Vietnam 10-0 Singapore..we predict MALDITAS will win against vietnam,or we will be disappointed...

  10. Ernie should just let go of malditas, with a right coach, malditas are better off. I mean who the hell is Ernie Nierras? Is he even qualified for the job? PFF should not give the job to someone just because they are rich. Kudos to Palami to get an actual coach.