30 September 2012

Azkals training camp in Middle East

Azkals will be going on  a training camp to Middle East , playing the National teams of  Bahrain on 12. October and Kuwait on 16. October.

Not known when they are leaving for Bahrain , but will probably be in Bahrain from Monday, October 8

The team will mostly be composed of the Peace Cup team , maybe with exception of Jason Sabio who is injured . Younghusbands are playing for Loyola FC in Singapore on Oct 4 and 7, but still doubtful for these friendlies

Status of some of  the foreign based team players :

Rob Gier did not play club match this weekend , and could be injured.

Neil Etheridge is in the starting XI of Bristol Rovers , they play on Oct 13 and 20 , dont think he will play against Bahrain , maybe Kuwait ?

Roland Müller will probably get  a call-up to play for Azkals.

Stephan Schrock and Jerry Lucena is available , but unlikely to play in AFF Suzuki Cup group stage.

Paul Mulders is not playing for his Dutch club and will probably be playing for Azkals.

Ray Jonsson has finished his season in Iceland and his club was relegated. Expected to get a call-up.

Juani Guirado has announced he is ready for the Middle East training camp.

Angel Guirado is playing league match on Oct 13 for his club, not likely to go to Middle East or AFF Suzuki Cup.


  1. what about cuaresma and gonzalez who are also players of the sparks?

  2. I expect them to get a call-up , they will maybe miss one or two days of the training camp.

  3. So Cuaresma and Gonzalez are allowed to miss a couple of days of training, but when it comes to the YH brothers, they cant? Hmmm

  4. i guess missing a couple of days of training is just an excuse....the truth is maybe that the YH brothers steal the big boss the show and are more popular or media present....which can't be...who knows?

  5. UFL has released week 1 schedule and Global Fc playing on Sunday so Azkals cant be going before Monday to Bahrain. Loyola Fc playing also Sunday so no Loyola players will be late for the training camp