30 September 2012

Simon McMenemy looking for a club

Former Azkals coach Simon McMenemy : "Contract free, Unattached and looking for a club."

"Without prima donnas who think they have already achieved something in football"- To say that about any player from 2010 is scandalous"

"I take offence at that statement. All those boys were\are hero's. No expensive training camps, no facilities, or "help from Germany"


  1. He also criticized Weiss after what Weiss said. I never liked Simon, but i like what he said about Weiss.

  2. Yes, I know. I add his comments to this post

  3. http://cebufootball.blogspot.com/2012/09/mcmenemy-on-weisss-words-very-unwise.html

  4. I think the Germans have systematically gotten rid of English influence in Philippine Football. I guess they are still bitter after 2 WC defeats. Sad... :D

    I understand that Weiss is fed up with Simon's cloud all over him in terms of Philippine Football success but come on Weiss, those "Prima donas" you are talking about have achieved more for the Philippine football as a whole. They have captured the football spirit of a country again with almost NO support like what you are getting now. GIVE those players a break.

    I like what Chieffy said though, because he knows those "Prima donas" he's coach is referring to are not. They've gone through many battles together (humiliated, defeated, succeeded, etc). He knows those guys made hard sacrifices to make Phil Football what it is now.

    Calling those players names is an injustice and blatant attack...