22 July 2012

Josh Boone off to a national team training camp

by International PRO Management on Sunday, July 15, 2012

Former UNCW college player and current Dayton Dutch Lions midfielder Josh Boone has been invited to the Philippines national team training camp held in the suburbs of Chicago in the early August of this year. 

The national team of Philippines is holding its first training camp on American soil.  They are scheduled to play matches against some USL PDL teams as well as versus a national team of the US Virgin Islands.  The game vs. Dayton Dutch Lions is also in works.  This is one of the stops for the Philippines national team as they are preparing for the AFF Suzuki Cup to be held in South East Asia later 2012. 

Josh stopped playing college game due to preparation time limitations imposed by NCAA on college soccer players, style of play, and the length of the college season after his freshman year in a pursuit of a professional career.  Earlier this year Josh traveled to Europe (The Netherlands) to train and try out at a pro and a semi pro level.

Dayton Dutch Lions 


  1. He doesnt look filipino like the other filipinos based abroad.

    Alright, come on haters, hate on me. LOL

    1. He sure looks like 100% white.

    2. No he doesn't. He looks a bit like Gener. He should come work in our firm were short on security guards.

  2. No time for the haters for now, no time for crab mentality for now, what we enjoyed is that there are some "fil-fors" who are interested and dedicated to bring the honor for our country, to bring one common goal, the pride of being Filipino..Good luck AZKALS ....

  3. NOTE TO ANY OTHER hopeful FIL-FORS who can't find the PFF website: THERE IS NO PFF WEBSITE!

    There ARE [Holland-based] scam outfits like International PRO Management who can convince even non-Filipinos for a very large fee they're good enough to play for The Philippines.

  4. why is it that somebody try to tell something that against your belief or the article is automatically a hater???frankly, for me the way the PFF handling the NT recruitment is getting suck every year....what about the development of the locals????anyways that this guys will exceed the expectation...

  5. Seems to me that Fil-Ams should not be hated if they are interested in playing for their country that" their Grandparents" grew up in. Have you looked at the team lately ? Lots of Fil-Fors. Lets not be racist please.