28 July 2012

Azkals squad for training camp in USA

Azkals squad for training camp in US ?

Ref Cuaresma
Eduard Sacapano
Roel Gener
Ian Araneta
Nestorio Margarse
Emelio Caligdong
Misagh Bahadoran
Chris Greatwich
OJ Porteria
Patrick Reichelt
Denis Wolf
Jeffrey Christiaens
Ally Borromeo
Jason Sabio
Paolo Pascual
Marwin Angeles
Marvin Angeles
Josh Boone

Based on tweets about who has been applying visa for training camp in US and other information about available players . The list is not complete ! 

Let me know if you know others who has been called up for the training camp !

These players will probably also get  a call-up :

OJ Clarino
Andres Gonzales


  1. from the names above only few will play on the pitch on the actual game in suzuki cup...and gks wont play at all

    1. Im not sure. Müller is now second choice GK in his club and will probably not play in Suzuki Cup. Not even sure if Etheridge will show up..

      I dont really think that many of the Euro based players will be playing in Suzuki Cup.

  2. Hi Jonny, who's gonna be our GK? Sacapano or Cuaresma? Do you think Cuaresma is better than Sacapano?

    1. I think Cuaresma had a better league season than Sacapano ? Sacapano let in 6, 3 and 7 goals in Army`s last 3 club matches ! Maybe Munoz or Deyto is better now than Sacapano ?

    2. Thanks, man! I prefer Cuaresma playing as GK if ever Etheridge and Muller are not on the squad list. Maybe its time for Cuaresma to play as the 3d choice GK for Azkals. Well, maybe Deyto is better than Sacapano now. :)

  3. Cuaresma is one of the better goalies in the Philippines, and its strange that he hasnt been capped yet when you see who has played for the Philippines past few years. He is probably in the best shape of his life, and he and his team is doing pretty good even though they didnt win the league, they have had a good run in Singapore.

    Sacapano is overrated, but he has been in the game for quite some time. Just like Araneta, Gener and Margarse, the squad always have players who shouldnt be there.

  4. Trainning camp STRATEGY ???

  5. Josh Boone? in another article it said that he traces his Filipino lineage from his grandmother who is a full-bloodied Filipina... I am not sure about this but I do not think he is eligible for a Philippine passport.

    "Listed at 5’8”, Boone traces his Filipino lineage from his grandmother who is a full-blooded Filipino, and hopes to represent the country by virtue of the Philippines’ dual citizenship law. Boone grew up in Greer, South Carolina."

    1. Oh, i think he is. He has filipino bloodline, and over the years all over the world there have been same examples of players having a grandmother/grandfather coming from some certain countries, and the players have decided to represent their grandparents country.

      But to be honest, it seems that this guy is trying real hard to become a "big" name in football. Time will tell if he will succeed with his dreams.

    2. "it seems that this guy is trying real hard to become a "big" name in football."

      What's wrong with that?!? It's called having dreams and being ambitious! If you don't have that as a footballer, you might as well quit asap!!

    3. Nothing wrong with that if you actually have talent.

      But there are so many players out there who think they got it all, but the fact is that they dont have what it takes, and never will. Just look at Gino Pavone who actually got to play for the azkals. Crappy player, cant even land a deal from a UFL club, but still says that he has tried out for this club, and that club, and so on and on and on.

      Im not saying that Boone lacks talent, but sooner or later its time to give up and do something else. A player has to be honest with himself and see his limitations as a player.

      Boone has been here and there, and so far no luck, and now the azkals. He is still young, but if he were really that good, some clubs wouldve given him the chance to prove himself worthy.

      Btw, the lower leagues in the Netherlands isnt exactly quality.

  6. Rob Gier and jason de Jong not going . Updated.

  7. Source Manila Bulletin...

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