28 July 2012

19-year-old Fil-Am football stud Josh Boone to try-out for Azkals

When the Azkals Philippine national football team head stateside to play a couple of international friendlies against the Chicago Inferno UFL (United Football Leagues) club and the US Virgin Islands national team in August as part of their tune-up for November’s ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup, which will be co-hosted by Malaysia and Thailand, head coach Hans Michael Weiß and team manager Dan Palami will also get a chance to audition 19-year-old Filipino-American strikerJosh Boone who is hoping to land a spot in the squad.
“I improved my game a whole lot from living in Holland and training with Cambur,” Boone told this scribe in a phone interview.
Boone hopes his next stop will be the Philippines as a member of the Azkals.
"I've heard a lot of good things about the Philippine national team and how the country rallies behind them," he said, and added, "This is a big opportunity. I would love to go there and help them in any way I can. It would be a big hope of mine to make the team."
Boone also played four years of varsity soccer for the Alpharetta Ambush in Atlanta, Georgia coached by David Eristavi, where they won the Nationals in 2010, and then went to finals the following year. Boone also helped Eastside High School in South Carolina reach the 2011 3A State title during his senior year. In college, Boone played for the the University of North Carolina Wilmington during his freshman year, but opted to drop out after the year to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player and headed back to Holland to train for a couple of months.
Listed at 5’8”, Boone traces his Filipino lineage from his grandmother who is a full-blooded Filipino, and hopes to represent the country by virtue of the Philippines’ dual citizenship law. Boone grew up in Greer, South Carolina.
“I started playing soccer at a young age, and I just loved it,” Boone said. “It was just a big sport in my family, and my goal since I was little was to be able to play professional soccer internationally,” he added.
Boone with be suiting up for the Chicago Inferno when they play against the Azkals on August 11th, and against the US Virgin Islands on August 14th at the JOE BEAN STADIUM in Wheaton, Illinois, and may get an opportunity to play with the Azkals as the 28th man on their roster for the August 17th match against the US Virgin Islands in Indianapolis.


  1. Something a bit too over-the-top about this guy. Real Madril Academy? West Ham Academy in Atlanta,Ga.?? Cambur Leeuwarden???
    The first two - if they exist - will be pay-as-you-go outfits like the Younghusbands' and Dayton Dutch suggests he has Holland heritage and spent time there with relatives playing for a local minor team.
    Good luck to him though; he's certainly spent a lot of bucks trying to be a star.

  2. I thought her mom was Filipino, can he still represent the Philippines? I think he can contribute well with our NT. He seems to be a though player.

  3. Is he the new Gino Pavone? LOL

  4. @Anon 28 July 2012 13:57

    Just because you're not familiar with something, it doesn't mean its fake or it doesn't exist.


    "head coach Hans Michael Weiß and team manager Dan Palami will also get a chance to audition 19-year-old"

    Why does Weiss all of a sudden have a say on who gets selected and who doesn't?!?! He's a frickin coach. He's "only" the team manager and doesn't (or at least SHOULDN'T) have any power when it comes to player selections, this includes tryouts!! Just shows that the setup of the national team is a bit fvcked up with Palami having too much power as if he owns that damn team!!

    1. He does own the team, and as it seems, the PFF also. But who can blame him, he has spent alot of money on the azkals, and the PFF loves to spend their money on things not related to football, so Palami is their saviour. Thats why Palami can pretty much do as he wants.


  5. There's crazy confusion here. In the country that invented football - England - the 'manager' manages who will play and decides team tactics.
    The 'coach' is a trained guy who takes care of training and has no say in player selection.
    (e.g. Alex Ferguson is the manager of Manchester United; the coach is a Portuguese guy you've never heard of.)

    But of course football is now more a business than a sport and the 'owner' is now the real boss who can overrule the 'manager' at any time. It's up to you to decide what Palami is.

    1. The term 'manager' in a place like England, is different to the 'manager' in the Philippines.

      Put it this way, Rod Hodgson is the manager of England as to Michael Weiss (NOT Palami) is to the Philippines. Therefore, Palami should have no say whatsoever in who gets called up, who gets a tryout, who will be in the starting XI, etc.

      And this a national team we're talking about. There is no 'owner' but Palami goes around as if he owns it and trying to a bigshot always yapping bs in press.