31 July 2012

Azkals brace for US camp without stars

BACK from a “working vacation” in his home country of Germany, Philippine Azkal coach Michael Weiss is ready and raring to bring most of his locally-based charges to the US training camp “to give the best preparation we can give them.

“It’s not the situation that we want but we have to do what we can,” said Weiss of the national men’s football team’s Aug. 3-17 stint in the US featuring tune-up games against the United States Soccer League squad Chicago Inferno and the US Virgin Islands side.

Due to their club commitments, virtually all of the European-based Azkals won’t make it to the opening camp of the Nationals since they finished a surprise third in the AFC Challenge Cup last March in Nepal.

Among those who won’t be available are regular Fil-British goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, defenders Jerry Lucena, Dennis Cagara, Ray Jonnson, Rob Gier midfielders Paul Mulders, Jason de Jong, Manny Ott and and Stefan Schrock.

Also missing the camp are the Younghusband siblings, Phil and James, who have local commitments, but they said they would be available for the national team’s friendlies starting in early September.
Fil-German striker Denis Wolf and Fil-German midfielder Patrick Reichelt, Fil-Italian midfielder Marwin Angeles, who all have signed up with UFL squad FC Global, and team skipper Aly Borromeo, back in harness after undergoing ACL surgery on his right knee, will go with the Nationals.

Weiss said US-based Fil-Brit midfielder Chris Greatwich will join the team in training camp.

While in Germany, Weiss got in touch with the younger brother of Manny Ott, Mike, a 17-year-old striker who is being groomed by German Second Division 1860 Munich.

He added the tune-up games will be on Aug. 8 against the Chicago Inferno and Aug. 15 against the US Virgin Islands. (???)

Weiss said the Philippine contingent will call Wheaton College, an evangelical educational institution located in Chicago, Illinois, as its home during the training camp.

National team manager Dan Palami, who will also join the team, said due to miscommunication, the Azkals will no longer compete in the Nehru Cup in India but will have three friendlies against Cambodia, Laos and Singapore in early September.

“We play Cambodia on Sept. 5, Singapore on Sept. 7 and Laos on Sept. 9,” he said.

Manila Bulletin


  1. its look like the US camp is for fun and learning process only but not for the up-coming Suzuki Cup tournament, COMMITMENT ? saan na yong for the love of country ? marami na mga dahilan,,, yan na umpisa na... pero pag malapit na ang laro, hugot doon hugot dito.... styles,,, pag natalo daming dahilan..."COHESION" kulang kasi...paano umpisa pa lang sa training di na kompleto....ganyan talaga.....hayyyy...asa pa...di bale--go pa rin AZKALS....

  2. http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/mike-ott/leistungsdaten/spieler_196778.html

    Hope no second Alaba.....

  3. I don't understand how these players such as the Angeles brothers are joining the camp. Why are they going? Favorites to azkal coach? They are just mediocre players where many of the u22 team has much better players. I feel like the azkal team is just for favorites. The US camp is basically a vacation they are having. Stupid

    1. in spirit of fairness and before you blab here. it would be better if you name names. who's better in the U22? have you ever even watched an Azkals match? one of the twins even played 1st eleven, dimwit and got good reviews from known footie pundits (no, not Eric Dimzon). hahaha so before ranting your sour ass out, know what you're talking about.

    2. "one of the twins even played 1st eleven, dimwit and got good reviews from known footie pundits"

      Like who?!? Bob the fat ass Guerrero?!? LOL!!! Marwin, who has been a regular since making his debut earlier this year, is average at best! His twin, Marvin, who hasn't even been called up to the senior team is no better.

      As for the U22's, I don't know who the anon above is talking about but the only standout players from that squad were Christiaens and Porteria. The rest are shyte, including the Angeles twins and therefore shouldn't be anywhere near the senior national team!

  4. Never seen them play, but from what ive read, one of them is pretty decent, but no word on the other twin. I cant remember which, coz their parents were pretty sh|tty when trying to come up with names when they were born, and basically gave them the same name!

    Since theyre identical, no one can really tell them apart, so they did the easiest thing they could do, bring them both to the US for some fun. LOL

    As for being favorites. Well, they first played for Laos FC and now Global FC. And who is the owner of both teams? And who handles the azkals?

  5. They are complete shit!! I have seen them play and they are average Filipino players. They made the team when the foreigners were cut for some reason. The whole u22 team was good in the summer with a great strong roster and decided to cut everyone except for 5. The whole roster was foreign based with great players and decided to pick foreigners in the last minute. Last minute decision with shit players. That's why we always lose in youth tournaments. How you guys seen the u22 tournament couple months ago? So embarrassing when are we ever going to be good.

  6. For me, this is the main reason,during the training camp there are players on the list are "ON" and "OFF"...but during the actual matches of the NT-AZKALS but more of them are "wala sa lists" at kung meron naman "benchman" na man tapos pag nasa game na, the first 11 ay yong absent sa camp....NAKIKITA nyo ba? ang situation? isipin nyo, mula August 11 up to September 29 -NT-AZKALS had a total of 10 matches including the Alcantara Cup in Bacolod So, ito na ba ang serious preparations for SUZUKI CUP 2012? good luck na lang sa NT AZKALS