27 July 2012

Azkals coach Weiss wants fans to tone down Suzuki Cup expectations

Philippine national men’s football coach Hans Michael Weiss wants Filipinos to tone down their high expectations to the team a few months before the 2012 ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup.
“To now think that the Philippines are the kings of Southeast Asia, that’s very funny,” Weiss said, adding that the recent performances of neighboring countries like Malaysia, which almost scored an upset against English Premier League squad Arsenal before yielding a 2-1 loss last Tuesday, make the tournament tougher for them.
Long the whipping boys in the region, the Azkals made a Cinderella run in the tournament two years ago, reaching the semifinals before bowing out to eventual runner-up Indonesia.
Weiss said that the 2010 squad took advantage of the many lucky opportunities that came its way en route to the historic feat. The Azkals had to salvage a scoreless draw Cambodia in their last match in the qualifiers just to make it to the main competition.
They forced a 1-nil draw against Singapore in the group stages of the tournament, thanks to a last minute goal by Chris Greatwich. They also endured some scary moments before pulling off a 2-0 upset over then defending titlists Vietnam to advance to the semifinals.
“2010 was a once in a lifetime story,” Weiss said. “They were very lucky in the last minute.”
However, the German coach also believes that the team has become stronger with new players as well as the system it currently employs. Under Weiss, the Azkals added foreign-based players such as Filipino-German Stephan Schrock and Filipino-Spanish Angel Guirado, among others. They also moved away from a being defensive-oriented team to an offensive-minded squad which attacks the field more to get chances at the goal.
“We are in a much higher level now,” Weiss said. “Azkals are not the same in 2010 anymore.”


  1. Usual Weiss tactic. Make excuses before the tournament. It won't matter. The results of this tournament will determine if he stays as coach or not.

  2. Yeah. Replace Weiss. Get a Spanish coach. Spanish style football is more suited to Filipino style.

  3. do you think if you get a Spanish or Brazil coach the team will become better or be a a leading force in SEA or Asia? Fact is that the skills of most of the players are limited and won't improve anymore (as the basisc are made in children and youth level)...you only can improve fitness, physis and tactics. The future of Pinoy football will be in the young generation and this will last 10-20 years....here I agree with you .....in children and youth level you need top coaches (e.g. Spain like suggested)...
    and apart from it......the Azkals won't make it to the Semi finals which would be even a much bigger surprise this time then 2010. They can be lucky if they even win 1 match...which will be difficult enough

  4. To the first two anons..... Weiss is right! And he's specifically addressing numb nuts like yourselves.

  5. And just a few weeks before the tournament starts, him and Palami will tell media that they will aim for semifinals, and that theyre capable of winning the Suzuki Cup. And when it doesnt happen, they will have no answer nor explanation for why they didnt win or make it to the semis. LOL!

    1. Only the fatass that is Palami that spouts shit and ends up going to the media and tells them how they're aiming for this and that. In fact, Palami has already gone on record to say that the aim is to reach the finals!! Fucking lunacy!! Weiss has never gone to the media and told them how he intends on reaching this or that. NEVER!! He's even gone out and said that the fans should lower they're expectations. Yet, he's always the one that gets crucified while that cunt Palami stays all pretty like a princess on the side unscathed from any form of bashing!!