26 July 2012

Azkals coach fine with Younghusbands absence from US training camp

Philippine national men’s football team coach Hans Michael Weiss said that he understands the many commitments of brothers Phil and James Younghusband outside the Azkals that will force them to miss their upcoming training camp in the United States.
Weiss said that he knows that Younghusbands are only grabbing as many opportunities as they can to have a better future. Now orphans, the popular brothers are responsible for taking care of their 10-year-old sister.

However, the German coach admitted that he won’t let these kinds of distractions hurt their preparations.

“It has now come to a point that I have difficulty explaining to players who are always there and have potential,” Weiss said. “I told them that you are the pillars of the national team. You must commit yourselves.”

Weiss lauded the recent performances of national team players Carli de Murga, Dennis Cagara and Marwin Angeles, who can all step up when the Azkals’ key players are unavailable.

The Azkals are set to fly to the United States for their training camp in August, where they will face United Soccer League squad Chicago Inferno and the US Virgin Islands national team as part of their preparations for the upcoming 2012 ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup in November.

Knowing how vital the Younghusband brothers are to the national team, Weiss said that he won’t just drop them right away from the lineup.

“For the close to two years that I’ve been with them, they have done so much,” Weiss said. “Before you make a harsh decision, you weigh all the options.”

According to Weiss, the Younghusbands have promised to concentrate on the Azkals after September. But he said that this only proves that all players have to work their way to get a spot in the lineup, no matter what they have achieved in the past matches.

“No one is indispensable,” Weiss said. “I can bring younger players who have aspirations.”



  1. I don't have a problem with it either. This US trip is turning into a huge waste of time and money. If I was Coach Weiss I would not want to risk injury to important players in games against such low level opponents with no significance. The Suzuki Cup is not until November. Let the boys take care of their sister and focus on training those players who would benefit with extra attention and playing time. When EPL teams tour, the substitutes and reserves get much of the playing time. The goal for this trip should be to avoid injuries to key players and give new players and subs a chance to show what they can do.

    1. Its unfortunate that from the start of the training camp of the AZKALS NT, its shows no serious commitment some of the players, they have their own priorities, it looks like they can be available as long as what they wanted or when they wanted to be available, ok, granted and we say we should understand the situations but if you are using the reserved players do you think they have a time to play during the actual matches ? considering that all the reserved plyaers are present in all camps schedules til the end or the last camp of the NT, but unfortunately they are not considered on the list as the first 11, or they are not the priorities players due to the presents of the other players which is not present during the camp...I don't think so...confused....

  2. Ok if you are confused I think I can help your puny brain. Let's suggest to Weiss to use all the subs or crap locals like Araneta, Caligdong, Margarse, Gener and the rest of the banban boys of Barotac and make them play against US Virgin Islands. I'm sure it will be a disastrous result. If you are still not convinced, let them play vs Cambodia and Laos in the coming friendlys I'm sure you will see the results are not so friendly. But you are still not convinced oh no no! So let them play against Singapore for a beating of a lifetime like being transported back to 1995.