12 March 2016

We will fill up Philippines Sports Stadium, says Mariano

DA NANG (12 March 2016) – Mariano Araneta, the president of the Philippines Football Federation (PFF) said that there should be no issue of attendance at the Philippines Sports Stadium for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 where he feels confident that the seats will all be filled up for the November event.
The Philippines gained the approval from the AFF Council to host one group of the tournament this year alongside Myanmar.
It is the first time that both countries are hosting the blue-riband event of the AFF.
“We feel confident that we can draw the attendance required and we are already taking steps to make sure that we go in the right direction,” added Mariano.
“We will have a board meeting at the end of this month and where we are looking at initiating a proper marketing plan from an outside company possibly to assist in the PR exercise.
“The AFF Suzuki Cup for us is more important than the World Cup qualifiers, so we are confident that we can deliver what is expected.”
For the AFF Suzuki Cup 2016, the PFF have nominated the 25,000 capacity Philippines Sports Stadium as the main venue with the 12,500 Rizal Memorial Stadium as the secondary.


  1. PFF President Araneta : “The AFF Suzuki Cup for us is more important than the World Cup qualifiers"

    1. it's very logical. if we have any respect for the AFF Championship, it would be foolish to dream of participating in the WC without being at least a finalist in the Asean tournament.

  2. The only logical reason he said that is because Philippines is by virtue already eliminated in World Cup qualifiers after winning first 2 games vs Bahrain and Yemen, then being winless in the next 4 games straight - unless Philippines can win both games against Uzbekistan and North Korea (winning vs UZB is mission impossible, vs PRK is 20-30% beatable the way i see things)

  3. Yes, they should commission a marketing agency for the tournament's promotion in the country. It would also be great if they manage to secure an agreement for a firm to maintain their website or something. After all, its part of the team's marketing.

    Buzz must be created months before the tournament itself through social media, like some tidbits regarding the AFF Suzuki Cup. A promo may also be created, I suggest some kind of hotel/flight fare promo to promote domestic tourism throughout the duration of the tournament. Cooperation with Myanmar counterparts should also be considered. It is important that the marketing campaign begin as soon as possible to maximize awareness nationwide by weeks before the tournament.