22 March 2016

Philippines U22 captain confident of defeating Malaysia


Philippines U22 are confident of proving themselves against Malaysia U22, when they meet on Wednesday night in their friendly match.

If host Malaysia Under-22 were unwilling to guarantee a win, their opponents on Wednesday, Philippines Under-22 have expressed a lot more determination regarding the match.
Team captain Richard Talaroc told the media during the pre-match press conference in Seremban; "We are confident of defeating Malaysia. My teammates have given 100% focus on this match."
From the get-go, head coach Dan Padernal also expressed the same level of confidence in the press conference; "We are not here for a vacation..., we are always excited to face the biggest teams in South East Asia."
Although only two players from their 2014 SEA Games are in the squad for Wednesday's match, Padernal explained the reason for his confidence.
"Malaysia don't always play well, and the new head coach is German, and I have undergone German coaching courses myself.
"Malaysia will play an attacking game, but my boys will be expecting them, he explained.
When asked by Goal whether his team will be composed of players who are only part Filipino as the senior team, Padernal responded in the negative.
"The Philippine Football Federation has decided to go a different route for our developmental teams; the U16, U18, U19 and now the U22. They have opted to develop locally-based players, who are expected to deliver," he explained.


  1. Wow!! Talk about inexperience from Padernal! Lol!! He even comes off as arrogant! Watch them lose!!

  2. If he would have kept quiet and let the boys do their job. If they won against Malaysia, it would be a great upset, if not move on especially if its not a massacre.

    Then this coach boast around, some of Malaysia's players are in their pro-league, while some of ours are still in college. If they lost, it would be more devastating to the morale. Especially if Malaysia plays well. This coach is up for a rude awakening rather than the Malaysia team.

  3. This is the legacy of Aris Caslib men like Dan Padernal who like to boast his German Course which only happened once since he entered in his coaching career and to think that was almost 5 years ago. It shows the inexperienced character of Dan Padernal who hails from Sta. Barbara, Iloilo and former National Team PLayer with an AFC 'A' License.

  4. Why can't they just be low key and quiet? Lol

  5. Malaysia 4- 1 Philippines

  6. Dan Padernal was a brute when he was an active player. And quite some confidence this guy has. LOL! What is more suprising is that the Philippines barely has had any U-team that has delivered, and now they suddenly expects the youth teams to deliver? I mean, even when they had a "good" squad a couple of years, with fil-foreigners, and they still didnt deliver, and was far from that. What are these guys smoking?!

    1. Is he related to Palami??