11 March 2016

AFF proposes Suzuki Cup format changes

The ASEAN Football Federation () will discuss probable changes of ’s format at its formal meeting in Vietnam on March 12.
According to sources, AFF considers the tournament’s current format as very ineffective to attract a large audience.
Currently, AFF member would vote to select host or co-host countries for group stage matches, but it is reported that any matches without the host or co-host country failed to attract a big crowd to the stadiums. Meanwhile, supporters of each national team also wanted to see their beloved footballers playing on home soil.
In order to attract a large audience, the AFF proposed to change the tournament’s format, starting with the 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup. The 10 national teams qualified to play will be divided into two group.
Five teams in each group will play in a home/away legs, round-robin format, and the top two teams from each group advance to the semi-final stage. The semi-final and final stages will be played in a two-legged format.
The proposal received supports from the sponsors, since it is considered to help the tournament to gain attraction and financial values.



  1. Where the fuck does the AFF think the member FA's, specifically the weaker and poorer FA's, will get money to play 8 group matches?!?!?! Will they, WSG and/or the sponsors pay for it?!?! That would be the only way to make it feasible!!

    1. Palami can bank roll PFF..

  2. Any news regarding Philippines' hosting rights for this year's edition.