06 March 2016

PFF appeals to retain Suzuki Cup hosting rights


The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is set to make an appeal to retain the hosting rights of the 2016 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup during the AFF meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam on March 12.
The PFF wants the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium (RMFS) to be the primary venue of the meet.
“We are telling them to approve Rizal [RMFS] as the primary stadium. There is only a chance [that we can retain the hosting] if they approve Rizal,” PFF President Mariano Araneta told The Manila Times.
The RMFS, which was built in 1934 and has been the home of the national football team for most of its home matches, has a maximum seating capacity of 12,873. But as per the Suzuki Cup hosting regulations, the primary venue for the group stage of the tournament should at least have a 30-thousand seating capacity.
“We are the only country now that does not own a national stadium. Even the other countries have their own 20,000 to 25,000-capacity stadiums. But us, we only have a 1934-built stadium. That’s why the Suzuki Cup is on the balance,” Araneta added.
Meanwhile, in a statement released by the AFF on their official website on February 24, the regional football body announced that the Philippines has already withdrawn as the host of the biennial cup because of failure to meet the requirements. But PFF General Secretary lawyer Ed Gastanes denied the statement.
Besides the RMFS, the PFF is also proposing the Philippine Sports Stadium (PSS) as an alternative venue for the tournament though Araneta explained that a contract must be signed first.
“Unfortunately, with the PSS, there’s no contract. So we cannot go through with something that there is no contract. That would be suicidal for us,” he said.
“We will push that Rizal will be the primary stadium. If they say what’s your secondary stadium, we’ll put Panaad,” he added.
However, Araneta emphasized that it will still depend on the efforts of the rights holder of the tilt to improve the venue.
“It will all depend on the Lagardere Sports Media (Formerly World Sports Group) because if they [AFF] don’t see the stadium to be fit, it wont be possible. They [Lagardere Sports Media] have to fix the stadium to make it more attractive on television. If they can see that it can be done, maybe they will give us a chance,” he said.


  1. Farting time has start again.
    Requirement has already has been told.
    Still want to appeal when youndon't meet the requirement.
    This is what PFF does best

  2. Sa tagal nyo n alam na pinas ang maghohost ngayon lang kayo kikilos..basura ang pamumuno nyo..hindi kayo nkakatulong sa pagunlad ng football sa pinas..incompetent pff specially you mr araneta..pwe ..nkkasar..pera pera n nmn b tyo??

  3. Here are the main problems of PFF:
    1. No homegrown product to endorse in the UFL/Pro Clubs
    2. Always resorting to quick and easy success or rather band aid solution where recruiting Fil Foreigners is the answer.
    3. There are no limits to Fil Foreign recruitment's even in National Mens/womens and Youth ranks while our homegrowns are discouraged even low moral to continue playing beyond college duties.
    4. No National or regional inter club competition in all age group levels if they have its only in Metro Manila and only during summer which is the UFL Youth.
    5. PFF always relied on government incentive so they are the ones who will put up a national stadium one day but until now the plan is nowhere to be found.
    5. Poor Football marketing and centralized venue of football event like the UAAP, NCAA, UFL, Mabuhay League and Pilipinas Cup and among others.
    6. No TV channel or radio FM or Am and Newspaper partner to promote football everyday and every minute in this mad crazy basketball midget people.
    7. and the last but not the least -PFF had no fucking Website !!!

    1. Lol at point 7. No website what the hell! How the hell can they build a stadium if they cant evwn get their acts together for a website! Cant they afford the talent fees of that gay nerd Louie Encabo? Lol

  4. PFF got a website :

  5. Oo nga may website pala ang PFF pero parang wla mas maganda pa dito sa Filipinofootball.blogspot.com dahil involve ang mga fans at updated talaga sa halos lahat ng Philippine Football activity pero ang kanilang website sa PFF wlang comments at napaka dry ng write ups and to think bago lng ito na create. Kaya parang wla pa ring website!!!