21 March 2016

Men's National Team set to play against Uzbekistan on 24. March

Players who compose the national squad for the Away Match against the Uzbekistan National Team on 24 March 2016 at the Bunyodkor Stadium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan under the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Asian Qualifiers / AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019™ Qualifiers (Round 2):

  1. AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel – Global FC
  2. ARISTORENAS, Jorrel Zachary – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  3. CLARINO, Mario Javier – Global FC
  4. DANIELS, Kenshiro Michael – Kaya FC
  5. DEL ROSARIO, Dominic Liam – Kaya FC
  6. DEYTO, Patrick Phillip – Global FC
  7. ETHERIDGE, Neil Leonard – Walsall FC
  8. FLORES, Jim Ashley – Stallion FC
  9. GUIRADO, Juan Luis – Ceres-La Salle FC
  10. PATIÑO, Javier – Henan Jianye FC
  11. PORTERIA, Jose Elmer – Kaya FC
  12. RAMSAY, Iain – Tractorsazi FC
  13. REICHELT, Patrick – Ceres-La Salle FC
  14. ROTA, Simone – Stallion FC
  15. SATO, Daisuke – Global FC
  16. STEUBLE, Martin Markus – Ceres-La Salle FC
  17. TRIGO, Tomas Angel – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  18. VILLANUEVA, Dennis – Global FC
  19. WOODLAND, Luke

The Philippine delegation left Manila for Tashkent last Saturday, 19 March 2016 with Team Manager Dan Palami, Head Coach Thomas Dooley, and Assistant Coach Jose Ariston Caslib.  Goalkeeper Coach Pascal Werner Zuberbühler and overseas-based players Neil Etheridge, Javier Patiño, and Iain Ramsay joined the team in Uzbekistan yesterday, 20 March 2016.

Players who had been called up but are on injury list:

  1. INGRESO, Kevin – Ceres-La Salle FC
  2. PALLA, Stephan – Wolfsberger AC
  3. SCHROCK, Stephan Markus – Ceres-La Salle FC
  4. YOUNGHUSBAND, Philip James – Loyola Meralco Sparks FC

The Uzbekistan vs. Philippines match will be aired live at 9:00pm (Manila time) on 24 March 2016 via ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel 23.


  1. That is a weak squad! Dooley didn't even replace the injured players! How stupid is that!! Expect another hammering!

    1. Huh? Stupid? He did replace them, read at the line-ups. What are you expecting? Clones of those injured? LOL bobo ka haha!!

    2. @ Anonymous 22 March 2016 at 07:03

      The real retard here is you!!! The four injured players are still part of the 23-man squad. Therefore only 19 traveled! They weren't replaced!! To top it off, Mulders and Lucena also weren't replaced! Dooley only added those youngsters and they shouldn't be anywhere near the senior team!

    3. Bahadoran and Ott are part of the 23 man squad so that's 21 out of 23 but they're serving 1 game suspension so they won't play vs Uzbekistan but they'll play vs North Korea here in Manila on Mar 29
      When a federation declares their final lineup it's for the two matches in the FIFA international match days FIFA WCQ (Uzbekistan on Mar 24 and North Korea on Mar 29)
      I suppose the reason Mulders and Lucena weren't removed is because they made a last-minute declaration of their retirement from Azkals when the final 23-man squad list was already submitted to AFC and FIFA

    4. Once the final lineup is declared to AFC FIFA, there's no way PFF can adjust the lineup

  2. The great instructor of AFC Ariston Caslib is an interesting addition.

  3. alright. in that case, let me lay down the final position. dooley, get this!

    Guirado Aguinaldo Sato Rota
    Steuble Reichelt Daniels Ramsay
    Porteria Patino

  4. My Starting XI