10 March 2016

Azkals updates

FIFA World Cup qualifier away against Uzbekistan on March 24 ,  just two weeks now. Azkals squad list should be ready soon.

- Manny Ott and Misagh Bahadoran got two yellow cards , and are both suspended for the Uzbekistan match .

- Rob Gier has retired

- Luke Woodland is still clubless and have not been playing matches for many months

- Iain Ramsay is not in Iranian club Traktor Sazi squad for AFC Champions League. Not confirmed that he has left the Iranian club

- Neil Etheridge's coach in Walsall Fc has been sacked after poor results in the league

Philippines will be playing last FIFA World Cup qualifier against North Korea on March 29 at Rizal Memorial Stadium.
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  1. ceres kaya players won't be able to join until the 16th.

  2. No worries for luke being clubless..
    He will still get called up even without playing time..
    Want to know the reason y??

    1. Fil Foreigners are handsome they liked it very much. That's why automatic.

    2. Relax guys. Soon Dan Palami will do like what other nations do, pay other good players to change citizenship. We are going to rule the world!

    3. Makes me wonder, how much control does Dooley have regarding the team? Is Palami really the one choosing the lineups and Dooley just trains the players and recommends to Palami?

      The first fil-fors especially from the 2010 period earned their place, but the recent additions were a bit meh... The only other recent decent fil-for is patino although he is frequently not available.

  3. rules to change citizenship for football you have to stay and play in the country professional league for 5 years.
    So how can Palami changed that when all UFL only have 2 bit players plus fil-foreign.
    Look at Thailand..
    Continue to with the band aid policy.
    Once palami is not interested in football..
    PFF will go down the drain again.

    1. Also, pure foreigners have to be naturalized Filipinos right? Good thing our citizenship laws prevents us from doing a Qatar.

      UFL's marketing is bad. If they would attract more sponsors they should improve on this department too. Who would want to sponsor on a league that receives minimal exposure on Facebook (depending on whose club would the UFL admin choose to post). Static images are less effective for brand recall and from time to time on this great blogsite (no sarcasm on this)

    2. *I mean from time to time, the UFL receive exposure on this blog site.

      This tireless admin of this blog would make a good job maintaining the UFL and the PFF website, but I guess he doesn't have access to those.