20 January 2016

UFL : New signings for Stallion Fc

Stallion FC is happy to announce the addition of the following players to our roster:
1. E Nesta Pablo
2. Adam Reed
3. Thomas Hunter UFL League 
4. Max Wright
5. Josh Grommen
6. Joshua Beloya
7. Reuben Raya Silitonga
8. Terence Linatoc
9. Yannick Tuason
10. Ashley Flores 
11. Shaun Soberano 
12. Franck Baring 
13.Rederick Fornis UFL LEAGUE
14. Bobae Park Welcome back to Stallion FC


  1. Adam Reed is fil-English and played for many English clubs

  2. Is this him?https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Reed_(footballer,_born_1991)

  3. They signed players last yr probably october (for 2016 season) but now they are not on their list. What happened to them? For example Charlie Briones who was an. ex-Real Madrid player

    1. I wonder also about that . I will try to get a comment from Ernie

  4. Ernie Nierras tweeted me : Only Qordja, Grommen , Linatoc and Silatonga from October signings will actually play for Stallion

  5. i guess the other october signings weren't signed because of the recent foreigner rule cap. too bad for them