10 January 2016

National league will foster football following


An eight-month study done by the local office of AC Nielsen says a countrywide professional league will foster support for football and the national team known popularly as the Azkals.
Nielsen is a market research firm whose business is knowing what people watch and buy in over 100 countries. It thinks that a national tournament of 10 to 12 teams and patterned after the United Football League, the existing local professional league based in Metro Manila, is possible.
Commissioned by the Philippine Football Federation along with a task force led by respected economist Bernardo Villegas, the analysis and its final outcomes will be unveiled pretty soon.

But PFF president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta says implementation “will have to wait until we are absolutely ready.”
Araneta has read some of the qualitative and quantitative results of the Nielsen paper and promptly reports the highlights.
According to Araneta, Nielsen concedes that basketball remains the top spectator sport in the country, followed by volleyball, with football happily tagging along as the third choice of sports followers.
* * *
Out of 100 million Filipinos, 40 million are true-blue sports fans. About 17 percent are basketball buffs, 8 percent are volleyball followers and 5 percent are football loyalists, reports Nielsen.
Basketball and volleyball remain the 1-2 choice of television watchers of spectator sports. Interestingly, the study shows that football is making headway on the boob tube.
While 56 percent of Filipino football fans watch programs featuring their game on TV, this number jumps to 93 percent when they tune in to live tournaments from England and elsewhere.
Equally, the percentage of diehards watching local football live on TV surges from 3 to 34 percent when the Azkals are playing.
Araneta says the report points to several cities with existing football stadiums that can accommodate at least 5,000 fans; can put up and support franchises for a national league; and with solid fan foundations that can afford to go and watch games and buy team apparel and other gear.
These are Quezon City, Makati City and still unnamed cities in Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite in Luzon; the cities of Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod in the Visayas; and the cities of Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga in Mindanao.
Araneta said an official of Fifa, football’s world governing body, will arrive shortly, if he is not here already, to assist the PFF in its fresh endeavor to attract the backing of more fans.
Although football is the game with the largest fan following in the world, it has failed to attract large crowds locally, a situation that has frustrated the PFF for the longest time.

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  1. sana kun mag karoon man sana, arrange nang maganda schedule ng mga play,tapos kng visayas example may malakas na mga team wag kaagad ipag laban sa 1 visaya lang,dapat hatiin or i shuffle para titindi ang laban at fanaticism,sure, local can stand their own too,wag sanang maraming import,locals,let them play and feel the game,cause it will draws fans if we choose to stick in this method,then,i notice that poor exposure of locals wane's the excitement and momentum of this sport. to whom these flaws belongs to? tv? fans? organizer? oh,common!.,were tired. football needs suport,palagi nalang hoops.dont forget overseas filipinos are excited to have this league in our country, so, they a piece of digit in survey.

  2. The franchise model proposed here sounds similar to that of the MLS and other major american sports leagues. I think it's a fitting model for the Philippines since most basketball fans will already be familiar with the system and, to be fair, the "clubs" in the UFL can already be considered franchises, especially the big ones. I think that model would also be the best way to foster growth with enough corporations backing certain franchises in certain regions (for example Lbc -> Kaya in Makati City, Meralco -> Loyola in Quezon City, Ceres -> Ceres in Bacolod). The biggest problem will be that some teams will need to relocate and rebrand such as Global, GAU, Stallions and Pachanga (financially the most stable clubs aside from the other three) to match the cities mentioned above and some new ones will need to be created entirely. That leaves us with a total of 4 clubs that need to relocate and/or rebrand and three to five (!) new franchises that need to be created from nothing to have 10-12 franchises in a league. Obviously 10 would be the far more realistic number to go for here, but even that seams very hard to achieve and it would take ages until we get a financially healthy league.

  3. Gayahin niyo nalang po ang MLS MOdel...Number 1 and 2 after double round robin, waiting na sa semis...number 3 vs. 6, 4 vs. 5 sa knockout play off with higher ranked team having a home game advantage. ang manalo sa knock out magkakabunutan kung sino makakalaban ng 1 & 2. pwede sana na twice to beat advantage ang 1 & 2. 1st game always sa home stadium ng higher ranked team. ang finals/ championship 2 game affair din with a twice to beat advantage to the team with the higher rank. Also, baka pwede mag experiment ng no draws rule sa double round robin format. panalo sa regular time 3 points. pag tabla sa regulaton time, sa extra time merong 2 10 min. halves,(15 min. pag play-offs, semis & finals) manalo dito 2 points. pag tabla pa rin, shoot-out, whoever wins, may 1 point. ang bibilangin lang sa GF at GA ang actual goals scored sa regulation time at extra time.baka sakali maka attact ng new fans ang national league. kasi madami talagang pinoy ang hindi talaga maka gets o appreciate ng tabla o walang panalo. kaya dapat twice to beat ang gamiting format kung saan sanay tayo na ginagamit sa intrams/ brgy league/ corporate league. iwasan natin muna ang aggregate or anything with a European format kasi we want to attract new fans and show them na kahit mag 0-0 ang score sa regulation time e meron pa ring lalabas na panalo sa extra time at shoot-out. ALso, please UFL teams or any team joining the national league na bawasan naman ang mga foreigners sa line-up. dapat nga lang 3 lang pwede sa field mag sabay. or maybe just 5 sa whole roster. we want to attract fans, build interest, GET to INSPIRE kids to aim high on becoming professionals someday para maka diskubre tayo ng LOCAL TALENT at mahasa para di tayo umaasa palagi sa mga fil-foreign players. nothing against them but kaya nga tayo may liga eh para magsama at maglaro ang lahat ng magagaling sa liga na ito from luzon to mindanao and give inspiration to kids lalo na sa mga probinsya na may dream to live on becoming a professional. tignan niyo sa PBA di ba?

  4. MLS format is very much efficient and effective dahil sa familiarity ng Pinoy sa culture ng American basketball lalo na kung sasamahan ito ng DECENTRALIZATION.

    meaning MLS survive in the U.S because they are under Federal System.

    Unlike here kailangan ang sports league ay mag Undergo as commercial set up para maka attract ng followers and kailangan i promote sa Centralize Region ng NCR.

    PFF always thought that promoting football in NCR is very pragmatic..but they overlook na ang think tank sa Imperial Manila kadalasan ang ideas ay pawang short term, fad like Aldub and pang seasonal marketing lang.

    seasonal marketing and hype machinery sa NCR won't help promoting football.

  5. PFF should shift their focus of promoting football from Manila to regional hotbeds.

    PFF should used the process of DECENTRALIZATION.. kung saan ang Hotbeds doon i launch ang National League.

    more clubs in Visayas and Mindanaos tapos selected squads lang from Luzon and NCR.

    very strategic to Promote National league kung sisimulan sa CEBU and sunod sa DAVAO economically they can compete NCR in promoting sports development.

    mas madaling mag create ng crowd support sa Visayas and Mindanao compare sa overpopulated, populated and congested Imperial Manila.

    Lets go Azkal lets go Federalism. stop the unitary presidential sytem that destroys that the Philippine sports dahil sa over commercialization and greed.

  6. Commercial league like PBA hindi ito tulad nung old glory days nila a decades ago

    commercial leagues is band aid solution of promoting sport.

    Globalziation and Decentralization throough the medium of multimedia (internet,social media,mobile gadgets) killed the traditional commercial league set up.

    hindi na kasi madaling madiktahan ang mga tao ngayon because of Paradigm shift and global changing trends.

    idagdag pa ang trend sa political system like charter change yung going Federal-Parliamentary

    nakaka survive lang ang commercial league because of Oligopolies sa Centralize-Unitary NCR.

    commercial leagues failed to destroy Pinoy regionalistic values.

    PFF should take advantage of bringing back the football sa hot bed regions to pomote the national league.

  7. Isa pa na mag aatract ng mga fans, MURANG TICKET SA STADIUM

  8. Isa pa na mag aatract ng mga fans, MURANG TICKET SA STADIUM