24 January 2016

PFF U19 and U22 - Training schedule


Scouting U22 Pool/National Team Ongoing 
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  1. Coach Maro should have stayed as an instructor and not as a head coach anymore. His reputation will be tarnished again just like what happened last years SEA Games wherein he's team is winless and pathetic to watch... Why can't the PFF figured it out that best coaches usually come from bench and unknown players when they were still active in their younger days. I mean they always watch every game and heard the analysis of the coaching staff in the sidelines. While the starting eleven are playing the bench boys are always mental. Believe me they can become great coaches not the team captains or the superstar players of the team are capable of doing it. Percentage wise, I'll bet on them...

  2. Don't blame the coach.
    Blame the system in place in PFF.
    The day azkals is filled with at least 60%~70% local born players is the day we can say proper football development is in place.

  3. Why not Master Kim?