07 January 2016

Azkal Stephan Schröck can leave his German club

Azkal Stephan Schröck who is playing for German club Greuther Fürth, has been told by the club that he can look for a new club reports German football website Kicker.

Stephan wants to play in midfield and not as right back , but he will get less playing time as a midfielder for his club.

He has been given two weeks from break from training with his club to find a new club.



  1. Could be signing for a UFL club according to former Azkal Patrick Hinrichsen

  2. I hope, that Schrock signs in another bundesliga 2 club if he does move. Or he could have requested the club to just loan him to another club as a midfield. Moving now to ufl, while helpful to the league, may be detrimental to his career.

    1. I don't think that's the case though
      UFL is not that detrimental for a football player's career
      Other asean nations already have in their minds that PHI has regionally comptetitive football clubs now, at least in ASEAN and AFC cup level
      Former azkals angel guirado denis wolf and lexton moy are playing in foreign clubs and some foreign players have left and are still playing well wherever they are
      Reichelt even suited up in a TPL div 2 club before going back to UFL

    2. It may depend on which UFL club will he join. As implied in the article he maybe just a sub to Sebastian Freis at best if the latter is not injured. It is implied that he also wants to be a starter positions. Transferring to a less-prestigous (yet emerging) UFL has cons but also has pros.

      He will be definitely be a starter if he joins any of the UFL club given his quality, which means more playing time.

  3. Yeah, you guys really think that the UFL is that good, that playing in the UFL is better than nothing. Well, lets just say that if he decides to play for a UFL team, its like comparing it to playing for a non-league team in the UK. Is that good for his career? Not for a short period of time, but it can also attract other asian clubs to sign for him. He is better off playing in a better league somewhere else in Asia rather than the UFL.

    Yes, Reichelt played for a 2nd division team in Thailand, but lets be honest, that level is above most of the teams in the UFL, maybe except for the big money teams.

    1. Well non-league players are suiting up for Azkals.
      So it make no difference.

  4. He might be signing a top UFL club soon...

  5. for europe based pinoy booters the UFL wil give them more playing time.

    isama na rin yung mga foreign players na ang UFL ang kanilang stepping stone bago sila makarating sa mga big leagues ng Asean,Asia and Europe.

    malaking bagay rin ang naging stint ng UFL clubs sa Singapore Cup, Presidents Cup and AFC cup to upgrade the level of football sa Pinas.

    malaking challenge yan sa mga homegrown locals ang pagpasok ng foreign and half pinoy booters sa UFL.

    if ever Shrocky hire by local club malaking bagay yan to boost UFL and yung i launch na National league.