13 January 2016

UFL News. UFL Cup to start on February 6

Competing teams in UFL this coming season :

Ceres, Kaya, Loyola, Green Archers United, Global, JP Voltes, Laos, Pachanga, Forza, Agila, and Stallion. The twelth team has not yet been set but it's likely either Nomads, Pasargad, or Navy Fleet Marine.

UFL Cup is scheduled to start on February 6 and UFL league is scheduled to start on April 21

Another big change for the UFL will be the reduction of the foreigner limit to just 4 on the field instead of 5. One of the 4 foreigners will also have to be Asian. This is in line with AFC guidelines for the AFC Cup and AFC Champions League. San Agustin said that in a squad of 25 players, a club may have more than 4 foreigners. But in its match day list of 18 (11 starters and 7 substitutes), there can only be 4, including the Asian import.

The UFL will be playing its matches at Rizal Memorial on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Aksyon TV will remain as the league's broadcaster for this season.

Thanks to Bob Guerrero , Rappler



  1. Team Socceroo (Sigla Fc) has also withdrawn from UFL.

  2. Ouch anyare na sa mga clubs.Masyado bang mahal ang binabayad nila sa UFL?

  3. the decline of AFP squads.

    nawala yung airforce and army. the reason behind ay hindi na nag evolve ang brand of play nila na masyado ng outdated.

    another reason is the influx of Euro based players and imports. hindi na nila kayang makipagsabayan napagiiwanan sila lalo na ng mga wealthy clubs like Global, MVP-Loyola and Roxas-Araneta LBC Kaya.

    1. The decline of the military teams has nothing to do with their supposed brand of football! The real reason is because football in the Philippines has actually moved forward a bit.

      When football wasn't really popular the locals who had any hint of football talent would most likely join the military teams. It allowed them to continue to play football competitively at the same time earn a living while serving.

      That's not the case anymore which is a good sign.

    2. If military teams are really that important then why they haven't done anything to improve philippine football in the past 30 years or so
      they haven't adapted to the wave of changes
      to them football is only recreational with no passion for the beautiful game

  4. @14 january 2016 at 00:30

    the military squads did not improve despite of meager budget ay dahil sa Pride.

    the officials of Military Clubs always think na pang A game ang quality nila kaya they don't want to improve and nanatitili sa comfort zone nila.

    kung hindi naman naging member ng Azkals sila Ian Araneta and Chieffy Caligdong at may reinforcement ng filfors ay hindi naman mag improve ang laro para matulungan yung Airforce Club,

    AFP squads never recruit foreign managers, imports and half pinoys to help their campaign sa UFL.

    dahil sa Pride and brotherhood dapat exclusive member ng AFP para makapaglaro sa Club nila.

    kaya they defy changes becasue of pride and xenophobic culture.

    except na lang sa Situation ng Gen.Trias na dating guest team sa UFL..nagkaroon sila ng merger ng Army kaya mix ng Korean players and military personnels.

  5. @13 januray 2016 @21:58

    i agree with you that Philippine football improve tremendously.

    before po sila magpa draft sa Military mga dating varsity players po sila sa kanilang mga probinsiya.

    like other Universities may free scholarship and trabaho agad sa Military pagnalaro sila sa AFP clubs

    isama na yung mga benefits na makukuha nila from government.

    as i said kaya nagkaroon ng Decline kasi yung Government and AFP they never invested in their or find a financer through Private-Public Partnership.

    yung co-sponsors nila ay limited lang as financial backer wala silang executives para mag manage ng Club nila to recommend foreign manager/coach,players from outside AFP(imports,civillians,filfors)

    kung hindi Ultranationist Pride or xenophobic attitude ay nilalagyan ng kulay Pulitika ang local football.

    dati karamihan naman ng local players sa Azkals ay galing sa AFP.

    sa iilang players and local coach from AFP nagsimula yung Intriga ng locals vs filfors and Imports ( the purong pinoy slogan)

    the evidence is clear nung 2011 finals ng Loyal and Airfoce..kaya raw sila nag champion dahil sila raw ang Purong-Pusong Pinoy na Airforce FC.

    i can't say it is a Karma pero Paradigm changes happens..sa madaling salita di na panahon ngayon ng AFP clubs.

  6. Philippine football has indeed improved, but thats all about the national team. When it comes to club football, well, lets say thats all about the foreign recruits. Wanna see how Philippine football holds up against the rest of the region? Easy, field a team of homegrown players against a Thai club team and see how that goes.

    UFL is all about the teams who has financial power, and not about grassroots. And now UFL only has 1 division. Its definitely not a good thing. The improving will start when this country finally gets a nationwide league. Its in the cooking, but how long will it take?

    1. You understand it as well, even Thailand clubs have used mix of financial power, grassroots and quality foreign recruits
      Normal lang yan if UFL uses financial power, but behind your knowing UFL clubs have youth programs running at the same time in the season and even have a youth league
      It's only a matter if these youth players choose to advance their football career

    2. Duuh... I know that the UFL have youth programs. I know players who have been recruited to play for some of the UFL clubs. I find it funny that most of them do try-outs in other regions like the senior teams for tournaments and such.

      Yeah, Thai clubs have lots of imports as well, but my point was as you pointed out, that they have grassroots programs that has been ongoing for years. But i still mean that if you wanna see how far Philippine football has come, you have to look away from the fil-foreigners who drop by and instead what has become of the homegrowns.

      Yup, UFL clubs use financial power, but from my personal opinion, they're spending way to much money on foreigners instead of spending more money on developing the sport instead. Yeah, some of the foreigners can increase the level of the league, but that doesn't help in the long run when other clubs spend more money to sign more foreigners. Only a handful of teams has big bottomless bank accounts. Why do you think there will be only 1 division this year? The lesser teams can't keep up with the money spending. They stand no chance. It costs to be able to keep up. Its saddening to see that the UFL has developed into this.

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