14 January 2016

Stephan Schrock signs for Ceres FC !

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Confirmed today that UFL club Ceres Fc has signed Stephan Schröck on a loan deal until August.


  1. Idol naman ng Ceres Lakas makakuha ng Player, I wish I can play with Ceres fc someday..,:)

  2. Idol naman ng Ceres Lakas makakuha ng Player, I wish I can play with Ceres fc someday..,:)

  3. he will change the tempo of UFL matches.

    di lang big boost sa Ceres kundi sa UFL and local football.

    Shrocky is a crowd drawer and exciting player..expect every tv coverage match ng Ceres tataas ratings.

    positive sign ito sa Upcoming AFC Cup home and away match ng Ceres.

    kung may mga reckless imprudence na invovlment ang mga bus companies sa edsa at probinsiya like Victory liner,Philtranco,Genesis,Joanna Jest and lalo na sa Ceres dahil may Shrock na mag result sa reckless imprudence resulting to damage and injiries to his opponents.

  4. Lets see if he is indeed a crowd drawer, specially when it is free attendance in the UFL.

    But Ceres shows that they have a LOT of MONEY and POWER with this signing! I dont think any club in the UFL are going to keep up with Ceres in the Cup and League.

  5. Correct term is loan..
    UFL is just a time pass for him in hope to capture the eyes of clubs in Asia.
    Patino is much more a better player than schrock anytime.

    1. Yeah, thats why Schrock managed to play in the Bundesliga, one of the best leagues in the world.

  6. Please expound how is Patino a better player than Schrock

  7. Was schrock even a first team player in his team?
    He is a bench warmer like ethridge.
    Soon ethridge will follow schrock footsteps and play in UFL.

    1. etheridge? not a starter? you must be joking. research before you comment

    2. I think he means that Etheridge was a benchwarmer in the PL, but he is a starter now in League One. As for Schrock, he did start games in the 1. bundesliga, but was often on the bench due to injuries and what not. But Patino better? Nope.

    3. Patino is a better player!! For the simple reason he's more disciplined! Schrock is too much of an individual too often and looks more like a headless chicken. He's good, no doubt but he's not as good as you think he is! As Dooley said during their rift in 2014... Schrock can't play within a system, which is true because of the reason I've stated. On top of that, he's not as prolific as Patino!

    4. If Patino is better, why hasn't he been given a chance at a higher level?

    5. You can say the same thing about Schrock! If he's as good as you're making him out to be why couldn't he hack it at Frankfurt in the German top flight? If he's so good why isn't he playing more right now with Greuther Furth? Instead he's allowed to leave and now he's ended up in................... the Philippines! Pathetic drop in level! This isn't hating on Schrock but try to point out that it isn't only about where they're playing to determine how good one player is.

    6. Patino is playing in China.
      Hell that league is 100 times better than being in UFL..
      Before that in Thailand..
      1000 times better than UFL.
      So the choice to play in UFL is strange if he is really world recognised..

    7. Lets not forget that he also played for Hoffenheim, where he wasn't on the bench all the time. Your reasons for why Patino is better is plain and simple just funny. Schrock hacked it, Patino didn't.

      There is a reason for why many players choose to play in China, and its because the ridiculous amount of money they're offering. I mean, they're signing players from the EPL, coaches with a good reputation etc etc.

      Yeah, Thai football, even 2nd division is way better than the UFL. Doesn't take genius to understand that, but thats not the point here.

      Schrock has played as a defender most his career, and this move is because he wants to play in an offensive role on the midfield. He could either stay and fight for a position, or stick to the bench. And they already had a good guy in the position he wanted. He was told by his club that he could find a new club in this window if he wanted. Since the season usually ends before June, it doesn't mean his career is dwindling or that this means the end of his career just because he will play in the UFL for a few months. He still has the time to find a new club in the Bundesliga, Europe, or even Asia in the summer. If this were to be long term deal, then i would question on where his priorities are or motives. He still has many good years left in him where he could play in a european top league.

      You can say the same for the likes of Martin Stueble, coming from MLS, having experience from a european top league. You also have that Nazari kid who could play in the Scandinavian top leagues, has been capped for Iran, but they all ended up signing for a UFL club. Are they seeking new adventures? Is it their blood relations? Is the money that good? We dont know, but i would really like to know, coz I've played in the Philippines, and I've had friends who have trained with top UFL clubs, and we all have the same opinion, the level is LOW, and i mean really low. Its almost a disgrace to call it a professional league.

      BUT, a few months in the UFL in one of the best teams, maybe the best, like Ceres won't destroy your career or your talent.

    8. @ Anonymous 17 January 2016 at 01:51

      You say that the reasons given on why Patino is better is funny but you don't give any reasons to say the contrary. All you say is that "Schrock hacked it". lol!! That in itself can have varying definitions.

      Anyway, you said it yourself. Schrock prefers an offensive role rather than as a RB. Yet in order to get what he wants he has to move to....... the Philippines?!? lol!!

      That alone shows he's not good enough to be playing as a CAM at a good level in Europe. In fact, he's barely good enough anymore to be a starting RB. He's had a good run though over the years with Greuther Furth and his few appearances in the top flight. But that doesn't really say about being the better player. At the end of the day, Schrock and Patino play different positions therefore it's very difficult to properly compare, like the apples or oranges type of debate.

      One thing is for sure, he's certainly not as prolific as Patino, not even close. His final ball is pretty poor and he holds on to the ball too long too often. Not the makings of a good offensive player.

      Also going back to Schrock about his move to Ceres. You say that if it was a long term deal, only then you'd question him? It should be questionable right now!!!! He's 29 and not getting any younger. If he wanted a change in scenery why not get his agent to find a potential suitor in Thailand or somewhere like that? It may not hurt your career to play in the Philippines for a few months, but it sure as hell won't do anything for it either.

      Finally, you say you've played in the Philippines and have friends who've trained with ufl clubs?? EH DI WOW!! lol!

  8. Etherdrige has started 21 times out of 25 for walsal this season, schröck played 32 matches last year and as off 19 dec 2015 has appeared 12 times for greuther fürth.

  9. @17 January 2016 at 08:34.

    Pero sa case of Stephan Shrock it does not mean his age catching up or dahil malapit na siyang mag 30s kaya pinili nya mag UFL.

    the reason behind his move from lower division of Bundesliga to Ceres malamang gusto nya ng ibang challenge kaya nagpa transfer sa local club sa Pilipinas.

    pwede naman sana siya sa mga clubs sa Thai Premier league,K-league,J-league, S.league or Superleague sa China kikita pa siya ng mas malaki at mas competitive pa kaysa sa UFL.

    naniniwala si Shrock na malaking challenge and legacy para sa kanya na iangat i level up ang laro sa UFL.

    sa madaling salita challenge and legacy ang Goal ni Shrock.

  10. Wow. Somebody has figures here - 100 times better, 1000 times better. Ako ay simpli lang na fan.... Paano mo na-measure ito, genius?