02 June 2015

YouTube : SEA Games Singapore vs Philippines (full match)


  1. for philippines, please improve those passes,positioning,lack of intensity on playing this result to non-active reflexes.poor passes,,be quick in offense, need flick and style,need to gamble those cahnces,you have to commit. to singapore,still desame sea regions of playing,speed&flick,those headers are fast and potent.philippine team you are in bad situation, this will make babalu mad,and in the next seagames expect that football will not gonna make the cut,but other sport okay lang kahit bugbog din cla.hahahahaha.. basta another money making sport business.bwisit na seagames officials

    1. Lol. You took the words right out of my mouth! Keep posting bro.

    2. POC babalu with his Pal from PSC bigote and all of their corrupt legions.

      Always making alibis every international competition by sending small delegation..

      lagi nilang palusot ang lukbo at illogical nilang criteria na kailangan mataas ang standard art ng mga athletes na dapat laging mag uuwi ng medalya.

      Pag maliit nga naman ang delegado sa Sea games marami nga naman silang ma kickback sa budget at magsasabit ng mga kaibigan at kamag anak para ubusin ang budget sa shopping spree.

      if our U23 didnt reach the next stage and enter the medal round..asahan ng walang azkals U23 sa 2017 sea games