07 June 2015

FIFA World Cup qualifier Philippines vs Bahrain Ticket news

FIFA World Cup qualifier June 11 Philippines vs Bahrain.

Tickets sold : 8000 of  capacity of 20000  (June 5)

Ticketworld is selling tickets and shuttle tickets :


Tickets will also be sold at the stadium on match day June 11


  1. Philippine Sport Stadium only has 20500 capacity.

  2. Yeah I think for football, the PSS has only around 20000 capacity. For other events, up to 25000.

  3. hindi naman sa siguro kailangan maka Quota ng more than 20,000 tickets na mabenta para mapuno ang PSS.

    be thankful na 8K ang nabentang ticket...blessing na ang 8k is already a good size of crowd for a developing football nation gaya ng Pilipinas.