25 June 2015

Philippine U14 Girls Football team wins against Singapore 3-1 in AFC and this girl from Payatas scored one of the goals

Unbeknownst to most, the Philippines U-14 girls squad is currently in Vietnam for the Asian Football Cup Regional Championships. Yesterday, they beat Singapore, 3-1.
It may be one of those garden-variety ho-hum matches except it’s not. Joining team Philippines is Regine, a 13-year-old girl from Payatas who was trained by Payatas FC, of the Fairplay for All Foundation (FFA). She actually scored one of the goals for Team Philippines.
According to Roy Moore, one of the two British founders of FFA, Regine started training with the National team in May. “They held tryouts in San Beda. She joined and was selected for training camp, which was comprised of 40 girls. She made the cut and joined the next training camp in Laguna, eventually making it to the 18-girl squad.”
They left Manila for the AFC games last Sunday, which is a first for many for Regine — it was her first time to ride a plane, her first time out of the country, and her first time with the National Team.
This is also the first time for Payatas FC — the football squad of FFA — to successfully send one of their players into the national team. “Another one of our girls was invited to join the team [last year], and the year before, but she was homesick so she didn’t,” narrates Moore, who along with compatriot Naomi Tomlinson, established FFA and Payatas FC in 2011.
Regine, who has been training with Payatas FC since 2011, is enjoying the experience, Roy says. “She says she’s learning a lot.” The lost their first game, against Vietnam 0-3 but they beat Singapore 3-1 last night.”
Today, Team Philippines is playing against Malaysia, which they should win to qualify for the semis.
Football and education are the two biggest concerns of FFA. Apart from being one of Payatas FC’s star players, Regine, Moore shares, is also an FFA scholar, who just graduated from elementary. “We’re sponsoring 45 kids in nearby public schools but we’re currently raising funds to build our own school, the Fairplay Center in Payatas where we can enroll kids.”
Inspiring work, you all!


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