22 June 2015

UFL Tuesday

UFL Tuesday

5,15 pm Loyola 4-0 Team Socceroo

7.45 pm Ceres 5-0 Pachanga Diliman Fc


  1. Pangit ang style ng laro sa UFL. Inuuna yung dribble before passing at mahilig pa rin sa long balls.

    1. Club games lang naman yan
      Typical sa ASEAN at Asian clubs ang long balls
      Alam ko boring o nakakaasar manood ng hindi tiki taka ang playing style nila at 50/50 palagi ang chance na mawalan ng possession
      EPL din naman mahilig sa long balls
      Kailangan ng UFL mga European coaches kung gusto ng possession based gameplay tulad ng national team kaya lang for now can't afford pa

  2. 2017 pa daw i launch yung National Football League sanctioned by PFF, FIFA and AFC. Dapat may club structure talaga sila dahil yun ang nakasaad sa FIFA at provincial clubs has a big chance basta organize lng sila. The system of play will surely be adapted cause many coaches right now especially the PFF TD would like to emulate the Spains success like what Barcelona had achieved in La Liga and UEFA , also Sevilla in Europa League. Kung manonood ka ng La Liga talagang sinasanay talaga nila mga players na mag short passes bihira lng talaga ang long balls kaya tuloy na dominate ng Spain ang mga club tournaments. Ito sana ang gusto natin sa mga pinoy na players...

  3. philippines has a lot of beautiful places to offer,what this club fc stands for?, first, we should emulate european clubs likes spain,football club together with their representing cities ,clubs, should intensify tourism with sports.we belong o asean region,were, football is so active,we know that if can bring football games here,sure we can create culture of football,this can boost the morale of local clubs fc,cities, and local economy ,we can draw more spectators,locals and foriegn,and please to those who have brilliant minds we are knocking on you!. other sports tried to make a wave in this kind of technique in asean region but,now? they cant, cant,stand.football is the ambassador sport to the world,now is the time to hit, in this way,we can be like other asean nations that already tried this formula, then if this thing happen, we expect, that,hotels,restaurant,culture delicacies would burst that will lead to further development. football and tourism is the key.