01 June 2015

2015 SEA Games : Singapore 1-0 Philippines FT

2015 SEA Games : Singapore vs Philippines

Timne : 20.30

Stadium : Jalan Besar Stadium , Singapore

Aksyon TV (Channel 59 on Sky Cable)

Live Streaming on sports5.ph.

Live Streaming on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo2kzrbuXPs

Philippines U23 XI: Badelic, Dorimon, Arboleda, Clarino, Amita, Bugas, Cheng, Salenga, Santos, Felongo, Valmayor

38 mins Cheng out , Gadia in

45 mins 1-0 Singapore , Hadi

1-0 FT


  1. wow they cant defend set pieces. and the back four for the Philippines are nervous.

  2. These players are the reality of the development of football in the country.
    They will proof how much football have developed in the country.

    1. you mean in a good way or a bad way? from the looks of the defending, not good! they should have included Ott, Sato, and Aguinaldo in this squad. now the POC will not include football teams in future sea games events if this turns into a debacle.

    2. In a bad way.
      Football is nothing without fil-foreign.
      Once Palami is no longer involve in PFF you will see the akzals become a chapter in the history book.
      So better wake up to the reality and start real football development.
      Don't give reason football is still in the infant stage.
      Its been more than 5 years since 2010.
      In another places a good youth development system will already be in place and churning stream of players

    3. This team aint that bad. If they will only learn to play with more patience and be more mentally prepared they would be ok. If you saw what kind of teams the Philippines sent in tournaments before the Azkals, they were real crappy. Atleast this team looks like they are trying to do something on the pitch.

    4. Tell me what they are doing?
      90% of the time they are in their own half.
      Trying their best to punt the ball to the sole striker on the field.
      The midfield is non existence.
      How is this better then crappy?

    5. Because 10 years ago the score would be 10 nil by now!

    6. The opponent strikers is shooting blank.
      If they have their scoring boots on.
      it is easily 6-0 now.

    7. Well its not its 1-0 so what now?

    8. And the Philippines defenders are having seizures on the pitch... so what now? Its still 1-0 lol

    9. No point arguing with a person who see a scoreline as how football have developed..
      One example man utd lost to leceiscter 5-3.
      Is man utd crappy?

    10. scoreline is not the basis of judging our youth teams it is their system of play. At least the team is really relying on long balls all the time. They did long balls because they only trained for sometime and unlike Singapore and other powerhouse in South East where youth teams had their program since U9. The PFF is always late in preparation that's why...

    11. My bad, I mean the team is not really relying on long balls all the time. Sorry for the error above

    12. So basis on your statement, after 5 years PFF still have nothing in place for the youth development?
      The only plan they have is with palami bank rolling the national team.
      azkals is looking more like a football club then a national team.
      what is the plan after palami stop bank rolling the funds?

      POC is smart to see the bluff palami and his gang is pulling on the people.
      Even the youth team is not getting the same brand jersey as the senior team.
      Amazing right?

    13. Palami only sponsors the senior team.

  3. That Alquiros is really shit. He is ruining it.

  4. Kennedy really scared the crap out of him. LOL.

  5. Watched the game live, I liked this team compared to last seagames (2011?). They are already trying to play passing game though there are still long ball (even sg uses long ball). It is good if effectively used.

    At least you can see some build up play now and having more patience. We had 2 good chances but yeah still lacking that venom upfront.

    Good progess on my opinion.

    1. correct! considering most of them are homegrown talents minus fil-fors and key players.

      good for the Philippines bad for SG because their brand of football is downgrading.

      halos pahina and palaos na ang style ng football sa SG...hindi nag improve ang SG.

    2. Singapore will buy foreign players for their senior team as they have always done.

    3. Singapore will buy foreign players for their senior team as they have always done.

  6. next game against much tougher and stronger Cambodians. mas malakas sila sa sila sa host team ng Singapore.

    our U23 did very well except sa defense & ball possession...at least this squad is more organized than 2011 under Micheal Weiss.

    malaki na ang naging improvement ng NT na halos homegrown talent less ang fil-foreign players and minus key players like Hartmann,Sato,Ott and Aguinaldo

    ginawa nilang off night game para sa Host Singapore para mag struggle ito sa unang match.

  7. i've been watching sea games football for years. i was actually impressed on how they played in the first half.
    although singapore didn't score in the second half, the azkals' game turned for the worst once fatigue set in and that goal they conceded earlier. they were desparate not to concede more goals hence the back four spread far apart at our defensive third making it easier for singapore to go for one-on-one's. they only had the goalkeeper to worry about after beating their only defender. we were also desparate to score for an equalizer that we forgot to make short accurate passes, good first touches, we were just giving the ball away. the long balls also showed more later in the second half when our wingers were already tired and our defensive midfield was nowhere to be found.

  8. Si Palami ang in charge ng Youth National teams at Senior Teams pero ang tunay na focus lng nya ay ang Men's Team. Makikita nyo naman may iba't ibang manager ang U13, U16 at U19 pero sya pa rin ang head honcho itanong mo pa sa PFF yan.

    1. Ang responsibility ng managers sa ibat ibang age group ay I bankroll and financial assistance.

      kung si Palami mag bankroll lahat ng national teams sa PFF hindi nya kakayanin ung laki ng cost.

      gastos pa lang sa training camp, logistics, venue, released fee sa mga clubs abroad para reinforce ng mga fil-for ang azkals, equipment, kits ; merchandise, presscon, promotion and marketing mabigat na sa bulsa

    2. It only shows na marami talagang nagmamarunong sa atin when it comes to football. Palami has been bankrolling the Azkals to keep football alive in the country. Trabaho ng PFF to gain on that momentum by developing the youth and grassroots.