15 June 2015

UFL League start on June 20 - JUNE MATCHES

Official match schedule for UFL


June 20
17.15 Green Archers United vs Pachanga Diliman
19.45 Kaya Fc vs Loyola Meralco Sparks Fc

June 21
17.15 Manila Jeepney vs Team Socceroo
19.45 Stallion vs Global Fc

June 23
17.15 Team Socceroo vs Loyola Meralco Sparks Fc
19.45 Pachanga Diliman Fc vs Ceres Fc

June 24
17.15 Manila Jeepney vs Stallion
19.45 Green Archers United vs Kaya Fc

June 25
17.15 Forza vs Pasargad
19.45 Laos vs Fc vs Agila MSA Fc

June 27
14.45 JP Voltes Fc vs Mendiola Fc
17.15 Manila Jeepney vs Green Archers United
19.45 Loyola vs Ceres Fc

June 29
17.15 Team Socceroo vs Stallion
19.45 Pachanga Diliman vs Global Fc

All matches at Rizal Memorial Stadium


  1. All AFP teams gone from the league
    That is one way to eliminate the ones not committed and competitive enough to play
    Why not make youtube channel for the league or the teams in it and broadcast it online, available for replays and each with own commentaries and game stats? You don't need the local media to promote football if they are not that keen
    just pure efforts will do

  2. No team will be relegated from Div 1. One team will be promoted from Div 2.
    Kabubuscorp has withdrawn from Div 2.

  3. may existing contract pa ba ang UFL sa sports 5 para sa tv coverage?

    mabuti pa sa Indonesia kahit mad football nation ay may continues tv coverage ang NBL basketball sa kanila.

  4. Did the UFL already come out with a decision regarding the allegations that Global FC fielding 2 ineligible players in the ongoing UFL League and Cup and submitted falsified documents to make it appear that 2 jap players are Filipino citizens.

    1. What players are you referring to ?

  5. Satoshi Otomo and Hikaru Minegishi. Otomo played in the 1st leg of the UFL League and was dropped by Global after the 1st leg. Minegishi is still with Global.

    1. if a whitewash will happen, other teams will lose interest stay in the league. a transparent investigation should be in order.

  6. National Football League will replace UFL but not anytime soon.

    1. Whats happening to UFL Div 2?

    2. Still some few teams playing in UFL Div 2
      Kabuscorp de Laguna is gone now

  7. was the Div 2 1st round completed? what happened to the uncompleted matches by Kabuscorp? being from Laguna, Kabuscorp's withdrawal is really sad.

    1. No information from UFL about the uncompleted matches.
      The matches that Kabuscorp played is probably removed.