11 June 2015

Update about Phil Younghusband and Luke Woodland

"Well, it’s been a bit of a tumultuous morning for Philippine football fans, but this is what we've gathered so far:
Sources inside the PFF have confirmed that Phil Younghusband is registered to play in today’s match against Bahrain. It seems it was a simple clerical error on the AFC’s part to click on James Joseph Younghusband instead of Philip James Younghusband.
Luke Woodland is still waiting on FIFA Players Status Committee clearance to be able to play. The clearance is a requirement by the AFC, especially in the case of an individual who has played for another country's youth team. Woodland previously played for England's under 16, under 17, and under 18 squads.
It looks like Woodland's case may be a match-time decision."


  1. AFC been updating the squad list. Phil Yis in the squad list now. James Y is out
    Luke Woodland is still not on the squad list
    AFC website been updating Azkals squad list . Phil Y is in squad now. Luke Woodland is not in the squad list.
    http://www.the-afc.com/afcasfeeds?view=all&id=169&type=Stage#ui-tabs-2 …

  2. wala bang update photos / venues for the match today ? excited lang ....thanks ....

  3. there's only 22 players listed, if woodland's clearance didn't come at gametime would we be able to fill up the vacant slot reserve for woodland?

  4. If Woodland hasn't receive any clearance, maybe another player, who already capped for the senior squad, could take his place. It would be unforunate if the match is later declared void due to fielding an ineligiible player.