02 March 2015

Stallion Football Club acquires Fil-Briton

STALLION Football Club, fresh from a 2-1 conquest of erstwhile unbeaten Loyola Meralco Sparks, has tapped Filipino-Briton Levi Gilmar Di Silva Fernandez to reinforce its roster.
The 21-year-old Fernandez is expected to arrive on March 27. His name is Portuguese-sounding but is actually of Jamaican ancestry and was born in England.  His grandmother, Concepcion Fernandez, hails from Laguna. She will be joining Levi this month to help facilitate his application for a Philippine passport.
“Levi will be playing for Stallion FC while on loan from Alloa Athletic of the Scottish Champions Side, from April 1 to August,” Stallion Head Coach Ernest Nierras said.
Nierras said the lanky forward will be a huge addition to his team that boasts of current and former national players, among them defender Simone Rota and forwards Ruben Doctora Jr. and OJ Clarino.
According to agent Steve MacCallen, Fernandez possesses sound technical skills and “has a very good tactical understanding of the game.”
Rick Olivares


  1. Just a question that I have been wondering for so long.
    If these players are so good why do they want to play in UFL and even in the Azkals?

    1. This player wants to be in the fifa world cup qualifiers with the PH team this year. Surely, he is not in the England team lineup.

    2. How about Jamaica?
      They have more chances of going to the world cup and their pool of players is limited?
      Surely if he is as what the agent say he can easily play for Jamaica?

      There is a big ? on this issue seriously that we should all ponder.

    3. Jamaica has more talented pool of players to select despite having a small population compared to philippines. unknown to many filipinos jamaica is a soccer nation and is always a world cup slot contender And can defeat teams in the likes of usa mexico or costa rica in the north america-carribean region. He could try there but his chances of getting in the national team is little to none. Unlike philippines whose football talent is quite still limited for now and you as The hurdles themselves the filipino football "enthusiasts" and basketball fans who say azkal wannabes should audition first or prove themselves

    4. Just find it strange people who ask question against Azkals are considered basketball fan??

      This is how pathetic Azkals and its fan are becoming..
      Well done guys you create more haters then lovers..

    5. The "pure pinoy" issue has died down amidst fans and haters alike, coz haters saw aff Suzuki cup teams fielded their "halfs" and naturalized players
      Now a new trend has risen - these pinoy "rejects" or whatever term they like on azkals wannabes "must prove themselves"
      Ang taas naman ng self standards natin e kulang pa ang napapatunayan ng azkals, hirap Kaya maginvite ng azkals potential how much more maconvince pa kaya na maglaro para sa pinas

    6. @10:17 -- so ano ang solusyon mo -- babaan ang selection standards??

    7. Ha ha so panadero n lng kunin natin? Ha ha ha

  2. "According to agent Steve MacCallen, Fernandez possesses sound technical skills and “has a very good tactical understanding of the game."
    Obviously there was no tryout and Stallion fc merely took the word of the agent.

  3. Another laundromat worker from america

  4. Homegrown talents like Fitch Arboleda and Balut Doctora combine to edge out Loyola Meralco Sparks who had mostly foreigners in their line up. Silva could beefed up the squad and could make Stallion a contender again in the UFL.