16 March 2015

Azkals friendly against Bahrain on 30 March in Manama

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is pleased to announce that it has accepted the invitation of Bahrain Football Association (BFA) through its President, Shaikh Ali Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, for an International Friendly “A” Match between the national teams of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Philippines on 30 March 2015 in Manama, Bahrain.
The friendly match will be the culmination of the week-long training camp of the Men’s Team (Azkals) in Manama. The Philippine delegation will leave for Bahrain on 23 March 2015 and return to Manila on 31 March 2015.
The following players have been called up to compose the Philippine squad:
  1. AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel
  2. DANIELS, Kenshiro Michael
  3. DOCTORA, Ruben Jr.
  4. DEYTO, Patrick Phillip
  5. ETHERIDGE, Neil Leonard
  6. GIER, Robert James
  7. GREATWICH, Simon Clive
  8. GUIRADO, Juan Luis
  9. HARTMANN, Mark Andrew
  10. LUCENA, Jerry Ruben
  11. MULLER, Roland Richard
  12. OTOMO, Satoshi
  13. OTT, Manuel
  14. PORTERIA, Jose Elmer
  15. REICHELT, Patrick
  16. ROTA, Simone
  17. SATO, Daisuke
  18. SILVA, Alvaro
  19. STEUBLE, Martin Markus
  20. VILLANUEVA, Dennis
  21. YOUNGHUSBAND, James Joseph
  22. YOUNGHUSBAND, Philip James
  23. PATIÑO, Javier
Team Manager Dan Stephen Palami will be head of delegation and Head Coach Thomas Dennis Dooley will lead the coaching and technical staff which includes Goalkeeping Coach Pascal Zuberbühler from Switzerland.
PFF House of Football, Pasig City.



  1. Many same old foes. Even how hard you will trained majority of these guys their ability has no progress. Expect nothing but same result or going with these bunch of guys. Keepers Etheridge and Deyto same movement very slow get other keepers

  2. Deyto is not fit for these moment to be called for the national team.

  3. What's the point of Villanueva? Doesn't look anything special. Dooley included him for the build up to the Suzuki Cup without using him and ended up including him for the tournament where he was also unused! Now he's still in the squad. Should call up someone else like Minegishi (if he has a passport).

  4. Should have invited Schrock . excited to see PYH and Patigol up front and Schrocky on midfield

    1. Inquirer reported that Patino is out due to "club commitments"

    2. Lol again as always. Better nit invite him at all anymore.

    3. Forget about Patino already. I'm now 100% sure that it's HIS decision not to get released. I mean, it's FIFA day. Clubs can't refuse to release players. And actually, Chinese Super League is having a short break from March 22 to April 3 so Patino's club has no reason not to release him IF he wants to get released.

  5. Hopefully this won't get cancelled. If possible, maybe a scrimmage friendly the best ranked Bahraini club available may be arranged.

  6. Bahrain will minimum win 5-0,who want to beat with me,

  7. Why isn't Aguinaldo and Daniels with the U23's? That's where they belong at this point. They're not exactly good enough to be part of the senior team right now.

  8. Pascal zuberchuler - the 2010 swiss world cup team 1st choice goalie
    The same goalkeeper coach that trained etheridge (That's why etheridge is good even if he didn't get much playing time experience)