26 March 2015

AFC U23 Championship - Qualifiers - Philippines 0-4 North Korea FT

U23 pool of players

17 mins 0-1 North Korea
45 mins 0-2 North Korea
0-2 HT
61 mins 0-3 North Korea
79 mins 0-4 North Korea
0-4 FT

Philippines starting XI against North Korea : Badelic, Clarino, Grommen, Santos, Felongco, Arboleda, Amita, Aristorenas, Kanayama, Dizon, Gadia

Livestream link :


Next match against Thailand on Sunday.

Thailand won 2-1 against Cambodia today


  1. come on! this psc-poc tandem is a big joke, they revive their tune of music,they hate football.everybody hates football here in the p.i maybe its their business.go fotball. i wish we could have inter-city football in the whole philippines.plus the players should promote tourism behind this beautiful game.

    1. Korea north or south is really good in soccer. This is expected

  2. Our leaders in the PFF are always in the opposite direction in football development, while our communist Asian neighbors are way ahead in their program .

  3. Playing against a team with Asian games experience, and a runner-up too, this is expected. At least it's not 5-nil or 6-nil
    My prediction for the game against Thailand U-23 (Asian games 4th) is 3-nil or 3-1

    1. ano ba kayo gusto nyo instant win 50 years behind yata tayo sa football kahit sa europe maramirin kulelat na team but they keep on playing hoping to improve or even just produce one quality player they could be proud of .Kung di na tayo sasali dahil laging talo baka mag 60 years behind tayo importante yong exposure at experience .

    2. I don't expect an instant win pero at least natututo ang mga u23 players natin
      Sina aguinaldo hartmann porteria naglaro para sa U23 kahit puro talo sila dati at least nag improve naman sa senior team

  4. As long as the players learn from the experience.

  5. I'm in favor for the selection of the under 23 team composed mostly of local players. The object here is maintaining exposure in the international competition to gain experience and composure. Win or loss someday we will reach the peak of football greatness