01 August 2014

FTW: Manny Ott to Ceres La Salle FC


  1. Completely unrelated: Did Daniels ans Porteria leave Kaya FC? Daniels moved to Global according to Bob Guerrero (F?!* Palami!!!) and Porteria is trying out for MLS teams.

    1. I asked Bob G , and he said no . He just reported that the Global coach loved him..

    2. Bob G said something like this "Coach Leigh love this kid" its clear he didn't say Daniels is moving to Global.

    3. anon 23:48 is so quick with his "F" mouth without knowing the truth... (sigh) tsk tsk one of those haters of the guy who funded and revived filipino footbal...

    4. If Globals coach loves him, then he wants him for his squad. I can see anon 23:48's point.

      And Palami get's too much credit for the revival. He may have started alot but he isn't a saviour. Go on believing that and stay ignorant.

    5. so what? This is club competition right? This is their profession.

      Oh, so who saved the dying sports then? Go on and get envious forever.