16 August 2014

Azkals team manager Dan Palami suspended for four matches

1. Pursuant to Article 18.4 read together with Article 49.1 (a) of the AFC Disciplinary Code (Code), Mr. Dan Stephen Castillo Palami (AFC/43463/PHI) is suspended for FOUR (4) matches which includes the one (1) match automatic suspension arising from his expulsion from the match Palestine vs. Philippines on 30 May 14

2. The four (4) match suspension is to be carried over in accordance with Article 38.2 (a) of the Code.

3. Pursuant to Article 49.2 of the Code, Mr. Dan Stephen Castillo Palami (AFC/43463/PHI) is ordered to pay a fine of USD1,000/- to be settled within 30 days from the date that this decision is communicated in accordance with Article 15.3 of the Code.

4. Mr. Dan Stephen Castillo Palami (AFC/43463/PHI) is reminded that his suspension may be prolonged until the fine has been paid in full in accordance with Article 19.5 of the Code.

5. Mr. Dan Stephen Castillo Palami (AFC/43463/PHI) is informed that a repeat violation of this provision will be met with more severe punishment.


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