07 August 2014

Azkals coach Dooley answers Neil Etheridge 'disrespectful' rant over Peace Cup snub

IT seems it’s not only Stephan Schrock and Dennis Cagara who has a beef with Azkals coach Thomas Dooley. The German-American mentor has answered accusations made by Filipino-British goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, who felt he was “disrespected” for likewise not being called up for the Peace Cup training squad, like Cagara. Roland Muller, Patrick Deyto, Nick O’Donnell, and Paolo Pascual were the four goalkeepers listed in the provisional lineup submitted by the national coach, leaving out Etheridge who has long been the first-choice 'keepers during the time of former Azkals coach Michael Weiss. “Never think I have felt so disrespected in my life… few occasions but this is up there. Kick a man while he’s down,” the 24-year-old booter said last week on a Twitter post he later deleted. But Dooley feels it’s the other way around. “I think he was disrespectful by saying something in social media,” the German-American said on Thursday. Etheridge hardly saw action as the third-choice ‘keeper at Fulham in the English Premier League last season, and even for third-tier side Crewe Alexandra where he was sent on loan. In contrast, Muller started for second-tier Swiss club Servette FC last season while Deyto played heavily for Green Archers United in the United Football League as the team's top 'keeper. “How many league games did Neil play? Three. His coach in UK said he needs sixty to seventy games to gain experience,” said Dooley, who played professionally in Germany for two decades and also suited up in two World Cups. Dooley also pointed out that Etheridge was also nursing a quadriceps injury during the Challenge Cup. “Muller is definitely the first choice, then Deyto,” the Azkals coach said. “The players we are calling are the ones we need to be successful.”

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  1. Mas maganda talaga local pinoys kasi iba talaga ugali ng mga lumaki sa abroad. locals locals

    1. Dont bring this up. Look, it doesn't matter where a person is born, attitude is attitude. Now, I'm not saying that NE has bad attitude because I dont him personally. But to imply that people born outside the Philippines has different attitude therefore we should stick with locals is just plain stupid. Can you honestly say that we dont have local players with terrible attitude? I dont think so. This is on the individual, and there are so many factors that influence "ugali" other than the place you are born in. We just need a good mix of players and management staff that works will mesh well. It doesnt matter where they are born.

    2. but thats the truth. sino ba yung na accuse ng sexual harrasment? di ba sina guirado etc

      go for locals

    3. The word is accused. Don't rush into judgment buddy. The truth is they have been accused of wrong doings, but that's all we know for sure. Accused. Huge difference...

      I'll give you an example of what you are doing right now. You generalize based upon a few incidents like the accusation of sexual harassment, therefore all of them are bad. Well, I can honestly say that you have been very dumb in your post. Now does that mean that locals are dumb because you made a dumb statement??? No. One dumb statement from a dumb person doesn't make the entire group dumb.

    4. dito sa iloilo maraming magagaling na bata kulang lang sa suporta kasi binubulsa

    5. sorry sir, but that is how the foreigners are generalized here coz they are doing it more than the locals lol ever wonder why we have so many fil fors hahaha