27 August 2014

Friendly : Azkals 3-1 Global Fc

Azkals XI vs Global: Deyto, Rota, Gier (C), Aguinaldo, Sato, C. Greatwich, S. Greatwich, De Jong, J. Younghusband, Burkey, P. Younghusband

GLOBAL XI vs Philippines: Sadia; Ocaña, Rodriguez, Kama, Delon; Martinez, Hoshide, Villanueva, Kanayama; Elhabib, Behgandom

1-0 Phil Younghusband

1-0 HT

Second half Subs for Azkals: de Murga for James YH. J Guirado for Gier. M. Bahadoran for C Greatwich. Reichelt for Phil YH. Azkals back to 4-4-2

63 mins 2-0 Carli De Murga

Sub for Azkals: del Rosario for Aguinaldo. 70'

71' Dizon, Porteria, Ott and Daniels in for Sato, S. Greatwich, Burkey and Rota

79 mins 3-0 Patrick Reichelt , PK

82 min 3-1 Mark Winhoffer

3-1 FT


  1. Global was trashed the last time they played in singapore without the azkals..
    Perhaps this games is to promote palami 2 projects.

    1. forget the past face the future