07 December 2013

PFF Smart National Club Championship

PFF Smart National Club Championship

Dec 9 -13 Final qualifying round in Bago City and University of St La Salle , Bacolod City

Semifinals and finals at Panaad Stadium , Dec 15-21

Teams :

1. BSU Fc (Baguio City- Benguet FA)
2. Del Monte Fc (Bukidnon FA)
3. Flame United Cherifer Fc (Cavite FA)
4. Columbia Fc (Davao FA)
5. Global Fc (Leyte FA)
6. CBSUA Fc (Naga City-Cam Sur FA)
7. Ceres Fc (Negros Occidental FA)
8. M'lang Fc (North Cotabato)
9. Palawan Fc (Palawan FA)
10. Alia Fc (Zamboanga FA )

Group A: Global FC , BSU (Baguio) Palawan FC Columbia FC (Davao) Alia FC (Zamboanga)

Group B : Flame United-Cherifer (Cavite) CBSUA (Naga City ) Ceres Fc (Negros Occidental) M Fortich-Del Monte (Bukidnon)

M'lang FC from North Cotabato withdrew.


  1. Why were there no NCR clubs involved in this edition? It's a farce!!

  2. This i obviously a cres vs global final, and i can bet everything i have on this ......

  3. nagwithdraw pala ang mlang..sana pinalitan na lang sila ng Cebu or Iloilo...sayang yung spot...

  4. No club from NCR because NCRFA begged off from participating....write its oficials and ask the reason why...

    1. Whatever the reason is, it's irrelevant now! Bottom line, NCR clubs got affected! Affected to the point where they got robbed of a chance to not only win it but gain entry into the AFC President's Cup.

      Apart from creating a national league, the PFF needs to revamp the Smart club championship!

  5. Why should PFF revamp the Smart championship just because NCRFA decided not to make an entry???

    You should revamp NCRFA so they participate next time!....

    Many know that UFCA did not want NCRFA to make an entry to the Smart Club Championship....it is NCRFA's loss for listening to (or obeying) the UFCA

  6. Agree. Blame NCRFA for not sending a club to represent it in the national club championship. Better yet,blame UFCA for telling NCRFA not to send a club to the tournament.