18 December 2013

FC Barcelona Escola Camp returns to the Philippines and opens today its second camp.

MANILA, Philippines (December 18, 2013) – FC Barcelona Escola Camp returns to the
Philippines and opens today its second camp. This is a five-day football camp from December 18
until December 22, 2013 at the world-class turf of Emperador Stadium at McKinley Hill, Taguig
City. Young footballers have another opportunity to train within the unique context provided by the
philosophy, methodology and values that define FC Barcelona.

On this momentous occasion, just as with the first FC Barcelona Escola camp held last April,
FCBEscola coaches, Jose Moratalla and Isaac Guerrero, continues with the development of
FCBEscola’s program in the Philippines.

“Philippine football’s resurgence and growth has proven to be a milestone. We are pleased that
FC Barcelona’s philosophy, training, and methodology will be passed on to more children as well
as local coaches,” said Michael Reyes, Co-Head Organizer of the FCB Escola Camp Philippines
and Team Socceroo FC’s Operations Director. “This is a great opportunity to our children and the

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  1. This is great opportunity to our 'rich' children and the youth dahil P20,000 ang bayad pag nag enroll kayo dito...

    1. suck shit poor people!

    2. Eat shit and fart blood rich guy Anonymous 19 December 2013 07:48!!!

  2. Nice to see the 'rich' being conned.
    Big clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea etc operate pretty much like McDonalds franchisees. A smart businessman pays a large fee to use the brand name. McDonalds makes sure any outlet is run to their standards. Big football clubs don't give a shit as long as the money's been paid.

  3. Wala na kasing pera ang Team socceroo para pang finance sa UFL League kaya conduct na naman ng FCB Escola Camp. lol

  4. Why cant we be happy? Stop looking at the negative

    1. good point. So it is for money. but few good things can happen with this as well. i believe this is where Sandro Reyes was first spoted before he was invited to Singapore training. For now, our football really has no money to fund/sponsor free clinics especially with a big club name attached to it. But when things go well, things will fall in place overtime. Every great things has precedents (may it be good starts or bad starts; we can always learn to make things better and greater).