12 December 2013

Malditas try to keep hopes alive as they take on AFF champion Vietnam

NAY PYI TAW – The Philippines marches back to battle, eager to redeem itself and claim the most important victory in the 27th Southeast Asian Games women's football competitions.
The Malditas clash with reigning Asean Football Federation champion Vietnam for a win that will improve their chances of advancing to the semifinals. Vietnam also won the 2009 SEA Games, but the 2011 meet in Indonesia did not include a women's tournament.
Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Mandalar Thiri Stadium in Mandalay, a city nearly three hours away via land travel from this newly-established Burmese capital.
Despite parading a powerful roster beefed by several US-based standouts, the Malditas still failed to live up to their lofty billing as they succumbed to Myanmar, 0-2, in their first match.
Officials didn't come forward to admit the team's lapses. Instead, they pointed at the noisy home crowd and several questionable calls as main reasons for their downfall.
And against the Vietnamese – a powerful team that ranks 28th in the latest Fifa ranking –the Malditas could have a more difficult time.
"Vietnam plays more like Myanmar and Thailand," said Malditas' team manager Filbert Alquiros. "They have the same style and employ the same strategies. But I think it will be an even match. It all depends on the bounce of the ball come gametime."
The Malditas need to prevail over the Vietnamese to remain in contention. They, however, also have to pray that the Vietnamese lose to the Burmese in their game on Sunday to formally clinch one of the two semifinal slots in Group A.
Should the Malditas prevail, but Vietnam also wins over Myanmar, there will be a three-way tie to be broken by the quotient system.
"It's something beyond our control," Alquiros said. "We'll just do our best (against Vietnam) and hope for the best. The girls are in high spirits. Everybody’s raring to go."



  1. copycat talaga itong maldita kung ano ang ginagawa ng counterpart nila na azkals balak din nila itong tumbasan o higitan. Kung gaano kadami ang fil-foreigners ng lalaki mas lalong higit pa sa babae. palaging 'plaster idea' ang PFF hindi katulad sa ibang bansa kagaya ng Thailand , Vietnam at Japan na home growns ang top priority na pinapalaro para ma expose at ma develop ito. tsk, tsk, tsk, nakakapang hinayang talaga..

  2. vietnam 7- 0 philippines FT

  3. PALITAN NA COACH!!!!!!!!

  4. And the result is 0-7 lol

  5. No Filipino should be surprised by this.
    In developed football countries the female version was completed ignored and unsupported until the men's game had been properly established as a national [native] sport.
    This useless pursuit of international fame is like a baby trying to run before it can walk.

    1. In undeveloped football nations the best way to achieve success is to concentrate on the WNT. Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, USA, and Canada, are prime examples of countries that treated women's football with respect and achieved much more success with the WNT than the MNT. In Canada the men's team is useless and the women win medals.

  6. Who said USA football is undeveloped? Check your facts correctly. They win the women's World Cup several times because their women are much bigger and stronger than any team in the world and most of all they all act like men.

  7. Don't be too serious about women's football. Honestly, who the fuck cares ? How many names do you know among world's best female football players ? Nobody give a fuck.
    Concentrate on women's football more than men's ? That's just plain stupid.

  8. The sooner Nierras realizes he is this team's problem, the sooner this team will improve. There is something to be said about his passion for the team, but that simply does not make a good coach. Or a good mentor. None of these US based players admire his coaching skills. They've played for better coaches since they were in AYSO. The only players that hold him in high regard are the ones who are based in Manila, cause they don't know any better. To make matters worse, 2 of those are kids of the team's principals. Its time to mothball this program again until it can be ran properly or find a new coach now who can truly nurture cohesiveness.

  9. Anon 13 Dec 1506 plus Anon 1712 should take note of Anon 1642. This guy knows exactly where the monkey sleeps.