29 December 2013

Philippines hosting AFC Challenge Cup ?



This is not an Official tweeter Account of FAM. but these tweets comes from FAM.. We are inside FAM!!

"FAM has been informed that AFC challenge cup will not be held in Maldives in 2014"

14' AFC Challenge Cup scheduled to be held in the Maldives will be moved to another country, likely Philippines, following ongoing problems.



  1. The sickness of SEA football could not be better explained than by the selection of The Maldives to host this event.
    We're talking about a tiny island nation majority owned by foreigners whose only interest is tourism.
    The idea that football grounds would be developed for a
    one-off minor football tournament is ludicrous.
    The games will of course be held in the Philippines, cost and lose a lot of money and achieve absolutely nothing for the home country.

  2. Good point but this achieves something for me - I will fly to Manila or wherever and watch the games.

  3. Then that defeats the purpose of the Challenge Cup. Main purpose of Challenge Cup is to promote and develop football in less developed countries. Stop being an elitist and complain that small countries like the Maldives have no right to host the tournament. The Philippines should aim to move out of the emerging category by improving football infrastructures and making their domestic league stronger in order to join the likes of Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand in the big boys club. That should shut up snot nosed elitist like you.