25 August 2013

Stallion: We still own Sanchez


CLAIMING that his team still has rights over Spanish striker Rufo Sanchez, coach Ernie Nierras of United Football League champion Stallion said he is willing to listen for offers from teams wanting the services of last season’s league top scorer.
With the UFL Cup less than two months away, teams are shoring up their rosters and Sanchez, who scored 18 goals last season, could be the biggest player available in the market.
“He is still a Stallion player and we are waiting for offers from clubs that are interested in acquiring him,” said Nierras, who steered Stallion to a rare Cup and League double for the first time last season.
“So far, nobody has talked to me (regarding Rufo). We don’t understand why everybody is assuming that he’s no longer with the team,” added Nierras, whose squad has started preparations for the coming season with a training camp in Iloilo.
But Sanchez, who is still taking a break in Spain, announced on Twitter that he is now a free agent, insisting that his contract with Stallion ended last week.
The Spanish striker was loaned to Global for a month last July, seeing action in the Singapore Cup, where he scored two goals in the two-leg quarterfinal duel against DPMM Brunei.
Global has actually expressed interest in acquiring Sanchez on a permanent deal.
“If he’s a free agent, then we are interested in getting his services,” said Global owner Dan Palami.
“He can be a big help to the team as seen in the Singapore Cup and with Global preparing for more tournaments overseas, he will certainly play an important role for us if we sign him.”

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  1. Palami interested in Sanchez? Wow, what a surprise, i didnt see that coming! LOL!

    Well, Palami usually wants all foreigners and fil-foreigners that are good, so this is no surprise.

    Isnt/wasnt Sanchez on a loan from a spanish club to Stallions? Then i wonder why Ernie Nierras says that the Stallions owns him. Ernie is a hothead, so im guessing he is going to have a lot of hissy fits in the nearest future.

  2. UFL is still a semi pro league and lots of its players have no contracts so any team can get a player if they have the big budget like Global FC.

    1. Semi-pro? The league is barely that. A semi-pro league wouldnt have free attendance. The only semi-pro about the league are the wages, and theyre to high when looking at the quality of the league and most players.

    2. Yeah i guess hes right, we shouldnt call the UFL a semi pro league. Its more of a weekend warriors game except the teams are sponsored, the league's got corporate backers and the players get paid weekly or monthly. Oh and teams also get invited to play against other international weekend warrior clubs. Lol

    3. Daming experts a hahaha

    4. Its more amateur than semi-pro, only exception are the wages. Because you know, amateur leagues and clubs also have sponsors, i guess you didnt know that. Thats how they survive if they dont have a rich uncle like all the top clubs in the UFL. Many amateur leagues even have ticket prices eventhough the players doesnt get paid.

      Heck, most of the teams in the UFL doesnt even have their own youth teams, and they have to recruit players from Visayas etc just to be able to field a team in a tournament. Semi-pro up my ass. A semi-pro league with the level of amateur and with players who think theyre on the professional level. Lets all give it a LOL!.

    5. And what else did you expect from a league that is only 4 years old in a country where football is only the third most popular sport? It is in developement people! And for only four years in development it has come very very far already, but is still in its infancy. In 5 more years it will be at an acceptable level once all the amateur clubs such as PSG, Dolphins or MAJ are gone.

    6. Ngayon lang ako niyan ah, ur saying depende pala sa spectators ang pagiging professional ng athlete o hindi? Depende pala sa pagka-engrande ng appearance nila ang basihan. Hahahaha.

      Paki-define naman sa meaning ng professional at semi? Di bah pro ka kung ito yung mismong hanap buhay mo at semi pro ka kung part time kang kumikita dito? Simple as that lang. Wag mo na icriticize toh bro kay feeling expert ka lang. Hahaha

      LOL ko para sa iyo hahaha

    7. PSG amateur compared to the other teams? Weird that they can bring in good players from Iran then. The point isnt to get rid of teams like PSG, Dolphins and MAJ. Whats the point? Dolphins dont have big corporate companies backing them up, but theyre still in the UFL. Do you want them to be bought out like the Nomads? Thats a whole different story, and only in the Philippines as usual. Im guessing you guys wants the UFL to be consisted of foreigners only, and that might happen. And you probably think that it is a good thing that foreign players dominates the league, but then again, how will that help the future of the sport?

      UFL is amateur, and nothing more than that. I dont care if its only 4 years old or whatever. The league doesnt even have enough fields all though its getting better. In 4 years they have got a lot of sponsors, but have they really moved that far in 4 years? No. The only thing helping the UFL clubs in international tournaments are... tadda! their international players.

      And to you mister tagalog. If you dont know the difference between semi and professional, then you really should pay more attention to the sport. Do a little research before you open your mouth. Im not an expert, or nor have i claimed that, but compared to you, i actually am. LOL right back at you. I guess you dont even know what offside is. LOL again. Have a good night.

    8. japan took 2 decades to fully develop teir J-league. same around with Korea's K League. what makes u guys think that the Philippine's gonna get it easier?

    9. we have technology now, communication is much faster,travel,globalization etc. what we lack is grass roots dev't.
      we won't wait for 2 decades like japan/korea, we filipinos can make it within 5-10 years i supposed

    10. PASARGAD "PSG" is not an amateur Club. The team had been in existence maybe 20 years ago or even more, together with Nomads , army , navy , air force and others . Do you think PSG just existed because of UFL, well i don't think so. It has been in there more than 2 decades ago, it was just the UFL that organized the teams together and made it a spectacular event to get more corporate backing. Good for PSG they are still fighting to maintain their standing in the 1st division. I bet you, you will see the good foreign players of PSG in other teams. just we wait and see what PSG has in store for us this season.

  3. the UFL clubs must build their own academies to have their own youth teams also and then they should recruit foreign coaches like in the Coerver coaching method to teach the players instead of signing foreign players in the future and UFL should be a nation league with longer and many clubs abd season and for the youth team they should have at least 5month national league also by the way Butaw ka Palami sa mga players hindi ka naman nakakatulong walang silbe!!!!!!!

    1. Chill lang bro. Hindi naman yan maagad2x ang gusto mo. Hahahahaha. Buti nga siya nagsosponsor ng team eh ikaw nagcocomment sa blogs lang. Ahahah

    2. All hail Palami, the saviour. Or maybe not. Im grateful for what he has done for Philippine football. But his club? Man, its like playing Football Manager, and im sure he signs and releases players more often than some people changes their underwear, like you. He knows how to cheat, and since he is mister "GOD", he can do whatever he wants to and no one will ever question his actions.

      I agree that the UFL clubs should have their own academies, and from what ive seen some of them already has that. But recruiting players from other regions for a tournament isnt the solution. Its just a quick fix just like what the azkals are doing at the moment. But again, this is the Philippines.

  4. Every baby has to crawl before it can walk and there's a very long crawl ahead for football in the Philippines.
    Every other country accepted that without healthy grassroots in every corner of the land there was no hope of football becoming an accepted national sport. Yet here there are people deluded enough to think that having a private 'amateur' league dominated by imported paid foreigners playing every game in Manila is progress.
    Nope. Until sponsors, national and local governments and even parents are prepared to commit serious money and time to providing enough public green spaces for any interested kid to get involved in the game the baby will have no chance of standing proudly on its own two Filipino feet.