13 August 2013

Friendly Indonesia 2-0 Philippines , Indonesia win friendly

Friendly Indonesia vs Philippines in Manahan Stadium ,Solo, Indonesia

Tv : Studio 23 from 9.15 pm (Ph time)

Match start : 9.45 pm

Livescore : www.futbol24.com

Azkals squad :
  1. Eduard Sacapano
  2. Patrick Phillip Deyto
  3. Carlos Alberto Martinez De Murga
  4. Robert James Gier
  5. Amani Manuel Aguinaldo
  6. Jeffrey Christiaens
  7. Christopher Robert Greatwich
  8. Mark Andrew Hartmann
  9. Marwin Janver Angeles
  10. James Joseph Younghusband
  11. Philip James Younghusband
  12. Jose Elmer Porteria
  13. Angel Guirado
  14. Paul Mulders
  15. Emelio Caligdong
  16. Raymark Kenneth Fernandez
  17. Paolo Bugas
  18. Misagh Bahadoran
  19. Jerry Barbaso
  20. Gerardo Valmayor


  1. UFL offseason , many withdrawals , Im afraid they will lose today..

  2. Livestream :


  3. its ok cause its only a friendly game and this could check other players potential for the next tournament..

  4. Azkals XI : Sacapano, J. Younghusband, Gier, Murga, Christiaens, Guirado, Greatwich, Mulders, Chieffy, Hartmann, P.Younghusband

  5. HT 1 - 0 for Indonesia.

  6. 70' Indonesia 2-0 Philippines

  7. FT | Indonesia 2-0 Philippines

  8. Indonesia - Philippines 2 - 0 FT

    Sacapano, JYH ( 62.Aguinaldo ), Gier ( C ), Carli ( 84.Barbaso ), Christeans, Guirado ( 69.Bahadoran ), Chris Greatwich, Mulders, Caligdong ( 46. Marwin Angeles),Mark Hartmann ( 46. OJ ), PYH

  9. expected loss with this line up. once more you can see that with a line up consisting of UFL players only the team is still not so competitive (even UFL is off-season right now)..and Indonesia is by far no "giant" in Asia...even they are considered "higher" when it comes to competitons (playing normal qualification matches and no Challenge Cup stuff)...long way to go to shape the team but at least they could use for experiments in strategy etc. ...so result is not so important in the end

  10. it was a bad experiment. coach weiss has a penchant for fielding players out of their natural positions, like in the first half. he should have experimented by putting new players, to see how they fare in international games. i agree, the result is not that important. but i think we will not make much progress if weiss keeps shuffling his players' positions in international matches.

    1. I agree, Weiss is so in love with his favorite players that even if its only a friendly game he still field in the veterans which looks old against the younger Indonesian side. Azkals always had its ball possession in the sides which is very well read by the opponents. Angel Guirado is so slow as winger and hold the ball most of the time instead of short passes to his team mates. Chris Greatwich is not accurate with hi blind passes and looks useless in the middle as well as Paul Mulders. JYH as usual had a penchant of passing only to his brother. In general, team cohesiveness is still to be seen expecting that most of them played together for 2 years now. I think Weiss is not doing a good job as a coach.

    2. if Mulders would be good enough he would have had playing time in his old club or at least gain a new contract somewhere in Europe in a 2nd tier at least (or so)....the only standout Filfor players in my opinion are Patino, Schrock, Lucena and our goalkeepers (Muller and Etheridge). Others have no contract or are pure mediocre. I also don`t understand why Weiss didn`t put the players on their natural position (he will take this secret with him into his grave I guess)...also, like the above one said, they didn't bring in new faces. It doesn`t matter if you lose 2-0 or 4-0....just to see how far they are (the new players and what to improve). Also the so often called cohesiveness is very poor if you consider that this pool of players is together for more than 2 years with a lot of training camps etc. I don not want to be too pessimistic but I guess next year they will get their desaster in the Challenge cup

    3. "team cohesiveness is still to be seen expecting that most of them played together for 2 years now. I think Weiss is not doing a good job as a coach."

      This type of comment is getting extremely tiresome and even irritating! Having a cohesive team specifically a NT, isn't just about the coach. It's about the country's football in general! Philippine football is still extremely poor from all angles, skill, technique, tactics and perhaps even conditioning! When you have a core of players that plays in a shit level of football week-in, week-out, that gets carried over to the national team! In order to change that you'll need to drastically improve the domestic game but that's not something you can achieve in a couple of years, it takes decades (no, that's an exaggeration!).

      "the only standout Filfor players in my opinion are Patino, Schrock, Lucena and our goalkeepers (Muller and Etheridge)."

      So what's your point? Permanently scrap all other foreign born players who you don't deem as a "standout"?? lol!!

  11. Time to be honest, guys.
    Any decent Filfor would have been grabbed by and stayed with a professional club at home.
    Weiss is just a worker trying to keep his job and national coaches are always inclined to go for experience rather than take chances with new faces. This will bring occasional success but in the end do absolutely nothing to lift PHI from emerging football nation status.
    When Japan and Korea were strong enough to escape from U.S. sporting domination they were wise enough to know that until all
    resources were committed to establishing football as a national sport any international result was of virtually no importance.
    The PFF should try the same.

  12. "This will bring occasional success but in the end do absolutely nothing to lift PHI from emerging football nation status."

    This is another thing that's getting tiresome to hear! Too many Filipinos think that in order to lift football in the country it needs to be done through the national team! And from there all sorts of misconceptions, idiotic (to say the least) ideas and beliefs come from, including the constant bashing of Weiss! You want the country's football to improve even further, go to the PFF or the regional FA's.

  13. oh really?! weiss has no blame in this?!
    or have you forgotten whose team was it that virtually had no support from sponsors and its countrymen, didn't have all the talent available as compared to now.
    do you think mas magaling and mas cohesive ang team na yun?
    do you think chamba lang yun?
    ginamit niya utak niya by not attacking kasi he knows our team's place na minnows talaga kaya hintay hintay sa opportunity.
    if he were still the coach now,we all know he won't use the team as uber-defensive as he had in the past cos he now has more talents to choose from.

    ang point here is like you guys like to answer when macca is brought to the topic is "eh di ba't siya pinalitan or sabihin niyo sa pff na ibalik siya" lols ; that's not it.
    ang sinasabi lang namin is one coach knows how to use his head and the other kots does not.
    kita niyo naman nung matindi na pressure to oust the banban kots ; na di matalo eh nag basketball siya dun sa player who was killing the time.

    ang haba na ng binigay na time dyan sa kots na yan,walang naipakitang performance na maganda. natalo pa nga sa minnows. masyado lang kayong nagbubulag bulagan dahil sa donation ng dfb germany.

    btw, may nalalaman pa tong kots na to na pinapaakyat yung either lb or rb para tumulong KUNO sa opensa EH midfield pa lang patay na atake natin. eh di pag counter, NGA NGA dahil me butas na likod natin.
    gier may be our best defender experience-wise, pero di niya kakayanin mag-isa yan. lalo na kung mabibilis at bata tulad nung mga papuans!

    1. This guy talks like the old coach who handled the National Team who cannot accept why he is replaced. Sayang ang A license kuno pero wala namang nagawa. Look at the grassroots program of the Philipines! lol!!!!!

    2. honestly, most of our players are not that good to make the team that good. I mean have you seen the touches? the passes they make? the markings they are supposed to cover (awareness at both ends)? It's terrible. Only few players in our NT can really carry the ball with proficiently and effectively (Shrock, Ott, PYounghusband) I have seen so far. The rest have terrible touches which often leads to pressure and inaccurate passes. Seriously, our mids arent really capable of bringing up the ball if they cant control the ball proficiently. In other words, this team really is limited to counter attacking; the same predictable tactic of just lob the ball to Phil and let him do all the attacking. Our mids have to improve tremendously for a fluid attacking team to happen. And they cant have Rob do all the defense either. They always slide and it's so unnecessary which often leaves the defense vulnerable. Rob is the only defender that stays with his man so far. poor team so far.

  14. Yes PFF is to be blamed for all of these pero may dapat ding sagutin ang head ninyo na si Weiss. Kasi pag natalo hindi niya blame sarili niya puro players at mga fans ang sinisisi samantalang ang mga magagaling na coach sa buond mundo ay nag acknowledge sa mga mali nila para hindi maapektuhan ang performance ng kanyang mga players like for example si Maurinho, Ferguson, Wenger , Guardiola, Heynckes at iba pa. Yung nagsasabi sa taas na wag sisihin si Weiss ay ito ang tanong ko sayo: Sino ba ang nag bigay ng strategy at tactical instruction sa mga Azkals?

  15. "Yes PFF is to be blamed for all of these pero may dapat ding sagutin ang head ninyo na si Weiss."

    Nobody is saying Weiss shouldn't be blamed. The problem is a lot of people blame him for everything and anything, and that's just wrong and stupid!

    In cases like this friendly loss to Indonesia, there are other factors that need to be taken into account and you can't just sit there and say Weiss is to blamed for everything that went wrong.

    The Philippines has a long way to go in football. But the Philippines has an even longer way to go in terms of mentality, specifically from fans/supporters.

  16. I just can't understand this, when the Indonesians lost their games against National Teams (Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands) and European Clubs (Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal) - I don't see or even hear them blaming the coaches, players and etc ... their federation has a lot of politics just like ours but the fans or countrymen didn't blame anyone. You could only hear them say "Ayo timnas main lagi, pasti bisa" (Play on National Team, you can do it) Just look at the crowd last Wednesday they didn't mind that their TIMNAS was clobbered to pieces in the last couple of months they just cheered on - showed the spirit and support that they have for their National Team - I hope we did the same for our team.

    These coaches are professional, they will take it in the chin if needed be. But we don't know what's happening in the sidelines the AZKALS management is autonomous from the PFF so the manager calls the shots from behind the coach and maybe decides who to play (for media mileage ... I guess) I can see all comments are objective yet some are subjective but we just don't know what's happening behind the scene, that's what I am saying.

    Handling National Teams are a stressful job that's why compensation is crucial to the one that leads it and their staff. I know of one local coach some years back who turned down an offer to coach a National Youth side in a tournament in Vietnam because his compensation requirements were not met by the PFF. When these cases happens the PFF goes to private individuals who can make it happen cover the cost of compensation by looking for sponsors and etc ... (you get the picture). Its the this whole thing that's flawed no one really does it purely for the service of the nation, well you can't really blamed these coaches - they have mouths to feed too.

    (Note: A local coach with a C or B AFC license going rate in 2010 to coach a National side is USD 1K per month of preparation and USD 200 daily allowance in-tournament)

    With MW we got him really cheap because we the PFF or AZKALS management don't cover his contract unless there's some different arrangement. Coaches are not cheap a, British Coach who wanted to coach in the UFL (he heard it was flourishing) will not take any job unless its 10K USD a mo. and he is part of the technical team of the Arsenal soccer school program in Asia go figure.

    I have been living out of the country for sometime now and I agree with Anonymous 02:51 We do have a long way to go understanding the mentality and adapting to the culture of this sport. But I am really glad that we have this now unlike before 2010 that we only get a small amount of media exposure and football was just a weekend thing for most people.


    1. If i'm the manager i will fire you if you are the coach because you can't live up to the pressure of Football World plain and simple..

    2. Indonesia actually beat Singapore in the last suzuki cup 2012, the only team who beat the eventual champion.

    3. Professional coaches certainly know the stress and pressure and that nothing is permanent. Those are the risk involved.

      Since 2010 Indonesia changed its coaches 6 times the current Thiago is the 6th because Rudi Dharmawan was re-assigned to the U23. While Malaysia has had the same coach since 2009, though they performed poorly in the last Suzuki Cup Rajagopal is still their coach. PH 2 changeovers from SM to MW his the same coach since 2011. This is as per the SEA games region, imagine the European leagues or the better footballing nations of South America were expectations are at a high.

      Goes to show you that the world over this is the norm, the thing is whoever is in charge we should support our team no matter what happens.

  17. Indonesia actually beat Singapore in the last suzuki cup 2012, the only team who beat the eventual champion.

    1. Yes despite this they failed to advance in the final 4 where PH figured losing to eventual champions SG. Their coach R. Dharmawan has now been re-asigned to the U23 side and J. Tiago a brazilian has been tapped to manage the Senior TIMNAS side.

      Honestly R. Dharmawan has brought more positive results to the INA side than J. Tiago which has had only 1 win in 7 games for TIMNAS. But this just shows that there's no certainty in football coaching.

      Makes you really think about who in the PFF assesses and evaluates the caretakers of the National Team and or the coutry's football program.

      Note: The PFF's website is not up to date and usually you are redirected to the AZKALS website ... I meant the AZKALS is not the only football program that's actively going right now right? Please provide info. Salamat.