19 August 2013

PachangaDiliman Fc - Roster for 2013/2014

Pachanga Diliman Football Club 

Season 2013/2014 Roster

Versales, Kim Kristiane
Yambou, Steve (New)

(Full Backs)
Octavio, Nathan
Rances, John Edward
Santiago, Andrew Gerard
Segunial, Deo
Appiah, Ernest
Cunliffe, Jason

(Center Mids)
Gadia, Daniel (from Cimarron FC)
Gonzales, Andres Crisanto
Cortina, David (from Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)
Diop, Ousseynou
Mariano, Ian Anthony

Cutamora, Jason (from Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)
Eusebio, Jay Romulo
Santos, Jose Andoni
Zerrudo, Ariel Jr.
Kigbu, Alu (from Kaya FC)

Burkey, Nathaniel (from Kaya FC)
Valmayor, Gerardo III

Ashime, Canedo (Loyola) , Lopez and OJ Clarino has left the club.


  1. What?! Burkey to Pachanga? Who did Kaya get to replace him??

    1. Its ok. They are all bums

  2. And what is this rumor I heard about Manila Jeepney FC buying a Div 1 Spot from Nomads?? Someone tell me that isn't true!

    1. yes becuz d manila jeepneys will be d official mode of transport of ufl teams. so they will get a place in ufl as manila jeepney fc.


  3. Yes this is true. The Manila Jeepney is owned by 2 Football Alliance members who are using their position and influence to gain undue advantage and disregard the very essence of the sport.
    We and other UFL member clubs are protesting the decision which was done without any consultation with the member clubs and without putting it into a vote. UGH!

    1. Who the fuck cares about the ufl!! It's a joke of a league to say the least. Lack of rules and regulations, shit structure, etc. and it's being run by a group that isn't even a recognized entity!! Good thing the PFF are on their way to creating a proper league (or at least it seems it will be a "proper" league)!

  4. Good! Both can go to Div 2 for all I care.