25 August 2013

ASEAN U16 Championship : Singapore 2-0 Philippines

ASEAN (AFF) U16 Championship in Myanmar

Today : Singapore vs Philippines

45+ 1  mins 1-0 Singapore
1-0 HT
60 mins 2-0 Singapore
2-0 FT

Laos 1-4 Malaysia

Updated Standings :

1. Malaysia 7 points
2. Indonesia 6 points
3. Singapore 4 points
4. Laos 0 points
5. Philippines 0 points


  1. Another lost cause for the PFF technical department. When will you learn about these situation? Are satisfied with the new coaching staff ? As well as the set of new players replacing the experienced and technicaly gifted players who went to Malaysia twice (2011 & 2012), Italy (2012) and Japan (2012)? An AFC instructor and a PFF technical advisor at the sametime but comes short in the AFF Qualifier? What about the AFC U16 next month? can we survive the scoring onslaught of Japan given this coaching staff and set of players?

    1. What the hell did you expect, that the Philippines would bash all their opponents coz they had a couple of good games against local and mediocre teams in Italy?

      You cant just use the same players from years back until they turn 19 or whatever, coz some of them, or even most of them will fall behind and others will get better. A player could be very good at the age of 14, but could already be behind others just a couple of years later.

      This is nothing new. We will always be behind the rest of SEA in the youth categories because theyve had grassroot programs for decades, while the Philippines doesnt have squatt, and we will still be behind for a few more years. We only have the azkals, and if it werent for the foreign based players, we would still be way way behind in terms of quality.

      You can get the best coach in the Philippines to coach these guys, and they would still lose their games. They wont turn into champions overnight. Send them to a youth tournament in Europe and let them compete with local clubs in Europe, and you will see how far behind these kids really are.

  2. ako si matthew :-) at pasalihin niyo ako dyan(13)at gagawin ko lahat para gumaling sila go COERVER coaching method!:-)