27 August 2013

ASEAN U16 : Philippines 1-0 Laos

ASEAN (AFF) U16 Championship in Myanmar

Philippines vs Laos

Updated Standings :

1. Malaysia 7 points
2. Indonesia 7 points
3. Singapore 5 points
4. Philippines 3 points
5. Laos 0 points

Starting XI Asong (GK), Miller, Lapas, Casambre, Sanciangco, Marfiga, Diamante (C), Winhoffer, Sambalod, Saldivar, Borlongan

90 mins Borlongan , 1-0
1-0 FT

In the meantime, Laos paid dearly for not making their opportunities count when they fell to a 1-0 loss to the Philippines. The Philippines, who will be leaving for home early tomorrow morning, made sure that they have at least three points to their name when they struck the only goal in the game off Jeramiah Borlongan late in the second half.
Laos created more than a flurry of chances through the hardwork of Maitee and also Sinthanong Phanvongsa but the Philippines had keeper Michael Asong to count on to deny them
Asong went on to make several crucial saves and with time trickling down and Laos thinking that they will have to settle for the draw, came Borlongan barrelling down from the left in the 88th minute for a shot to the far post to beat Laos keeper Saymanolinh Paseuth.
With the Philippines satisfied that they have at least picked up the three points, Laos will complete their fixtures against Singapore in two days at the Naypyitaw FC Stadium.



  1. These two teams split their 2 games during FAM FRENZ ASEAN U15 Championship which started last May but the Philippine team was facing a club based Lao Toyota at the time. The question is can they beat Laos with its full elite players in it?

  2. Sambalod is part of the team? Is this James Sambalod the player from Bukidnon? He is born 1994 but with a 1998 NSO, wow even with an overage player we still can't win? Oh my Gosh...

  3. Yes i remember, this is the boy we played against in palaro in dapitan 4 years ago for elementary football, he was suppose to be 11 going 12, but he already had a moustache and pimples in his face, and his legs, wow more developed than a graduating high school player, PFF should thoroughly check this guy to avoid international embarassment, thats what they usually do in Mindanao, late registration, poor kid he is carrying the brunt of his parents mistake intentional or not?

    1. OMG! Sambalod the best player of Palarong Pambansa 2008-2009 but his coach is afraid to let his player take a dental screening in order to avoid being punished by DepEd officials if proven guilty of sending overage players in the tournament. And now that his playing in the born 1998 of national team he cannot even make a name for himself because he's used to beat non elite players younger than him when he was in the grassroots age and this is a lesson to all parents and coaches to never cheat on their younger days because it has repercussions when they grow older.

    2. Let us see if James Cyrus 'The Virus' Sambalod can still use his dirty tricks and tactics in the international scene the way he was during his elementary glory days. Considered to be the dirtiest player in Bukidnon as taught by his coaches and parents James was a notorious dirty player even an 'OVERAGE' in his category , he often crippled every best player of their opposing teams they face so they can win every game they face. Tsk, tsk, tsk, a kind of "Win at All Cost Attitude" by his Coaches and Parents no matter what the cost..

  4. Yes, James Sambolod from Bukidnon is playing for Philippines


  5. sa wakas nanalo rin

  6. Damn, this is funny to read. Please tell more stories about this "wonder" kid. And to the one who commented about win with an overage player. Doesnt help to have one overage player only, specially if he isnt that good to begin with.

    Well, if the rumors are true, the word will catch on to the other countries and something might happen.

    Sad to read about his story though. Raised to be a dirty player just to win at any cost. Reminds me of a family member. Overage, but he had set his mind on fixing the "problems" caused by his parents, and he succeded.

  7. Ha ha ha 1992 Litle league baseball redux? ha ha fielding overage players and not from the region ha ha. Philippines is really making a name for cheating

  8. Next stop for this team is the AFC U16 Championship next month where the Philippines is bracketed with Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. Anto Gonzales will surely be embarrassed more if they continue to play like this and as long as these players just knew each other for 2 weeks is a very big problem. FYI, Anto Gonzales broke the core of the so called 'Little Azkals' who went to Malaysia last FOF in 2011 and 2012, Italy and Japan last year and who were a team the whole 2 years until this year. Since 2011, the little azkals where participating in every festival almost every 3 months anywhere in the Philippines (which is good for their team bonding and chemistry) but the only problem they had was the parents are the one shouldering every players expenses which is a big burden to the pocket though exposure and experience really improve the team because they participated in categories above them.

  9. Kung totoong over age iyang si James Sambalod kailangang malaman iYAN ng AFC.

  10. James Sambalod is a case of late birth certificate registration. Legally, per NSA, he is born 1998 but in reality, born 1994. Common practice among people living in the boondocks. Lega,l yes, but ethical, never. The PFF should not have allowed him to play in the U-16 and should not turn a blind eye on this case. He should have been included in the U-23 for SEA Games. Kidding aside, this case should be reported to AFC, I agree. Now that this is out in the open anybody reading this from other countries can take this case up if the PFF does nothing about it to teach them a lesson. I am sure the coaches of the U-16 are fully aware of this situation and they too should be reprimanded/penalized.

  11. Tama yan, there are other means of verifying age like dental exam. Masamang precedent ito sa sports kung patoloy siyang papayagan maglaro sa ganitong edad. Baka gayahin pa ito sa ibang mga magulang - hindi ipaparegister muna ang mga anak nila upang makalamang sila sa mga classmate- both sa academics at sa athletic abitilies...tsk, tsk...

  12. Ito ang mentality ng maraming parents at coaches noon especially potential ang team o players nila sa isang event na manalo like Palarong Pambansa and tournaments like UFL Youth and Football Festivals. Sana magbabago na ang pananaw ng mga magulang ngayon..