26 May 2011

Azkals - Final 23-man list for World Cup qualifier ?

"During a brief press conference, Coach Weiss said that he will soon come up with the 23-man list whom he will bring to Germany for training in preparation for their World Cup Qualifier against Sri Lanka in Manila on June 29."

Azkals team in Cebu :

Aly Borromeo
Paolo Pascual
Chieffy Caligdong
Ian Araneta
Roel Gener
Yanti Barsales
William Espinosa (Fil-German)
Yannick Tuason
Ricardo Becite
Edward Sacapano
Christopher Camcam
Nestorio Margarse
James Rocklitz (Fil-Am)
Nathan Burkey (Fil-Am)
Anton Del Rosario
Neil Etheridge (Fil-English)
Jason Sabio (Fil-Am)
Simon Greatwich (Fil-English)
Phil Younghusband (Fil-English)
James Younghusband (Fil-English)
Leigh Gunn (Fil-Australian)
Misagh Bahadoran

Possible players joining team in Germany

Rob Gier (Fil-English)
Jerry Lucena (Fil-Danish)
Stephan Schröck (Fil-German)
Angel Guirado (Fil-Spanish)
Dennis Cagara (Fil-Danish)
Ray Jonsson (Fil-Icelandic)
Patrick Reichelt (Fil-German)
Kevin Ingreso (Fil-German)
Olivier Pötsche (Fil-German)
Manuell Ott (Fil-German)
Jason de Jong (Fil-Netherlands) ?

My list got 33 men. I am not sure if they will add any new local players now ? Could be 1 or 2 new fil-foreigners joining in Germany ?

Will they be going with 23 men from Philippines and add fil-foreigners based in Europe or will the final 23 men list for Sri Lanka be released now ?

Who do you want added to this list , who do you want to be dropped ?

Discuss !


  1. Seems like no new local players from PFF U23 and PFF Smart qualifiers will join Azkals ?

  2. sana i-add si beloya dolino tacusalme unabia and gustilo...

  3. Anong local marami pang nanghihintay na fil-fors sa US.hindi na eto RP team kundi UNITED NATIONS TEAM.

  4. Only a 23-25 players will be brought to Germany for training camp. And it was said before that the final 23-man squad for the two legs against Sri Lanka will be named two days prior to first game.

    Probably those 23-25 players will already count the players who haven't joined the squad yet, such as Etheridge, Gier, etc.

  5. Rob Gier ? Wife`s pregnant , could be doubtful
    Ray Jonsson ? League matches in Iceland in June/July , will his club release him ?
    Dennis Cagara ? Dont know what he is thinking
    Jerry Lucena ? Injured now , but he wants to play.

  6. Chad Gould even with vampire bite still wants to play

  7. I think he has given up that idea. He just tweeted that he wanted to go to Davao for beach football tournament June 12 (Kicksand)

  8. The PFF U23 stand-outs will most likely play in the SEA games and not the World Cup Qualifier. If it's in the official FIFA Calendar, then most likely all our professional players will be granted or else the team may be penalized by FIFA, IMO. I hope Schrock and Cagara will finally suit up the Azkals jersey.

  9. Suck shit if you dont like the squad.

  10. "The PFF U23 stand-outs will most likely play in the SEA games and not the World Cup Qualifier."

    Ya no shit!! LOL! That's why it's an U23 tournament. It was meant to find talent for the national U23 team!

    Anyway, perhaps some of the younger players, the likes of Rochlitz and Ingreso won't be part of the senior team right away. De Jong will definitely not be part of the world cup qualifiers. And I don't think they'll bring 4 GK's. That's just too much.

  11. where's misagh?.. I think they are high on him

  12. just hope Angel Guirado and Stefan Schröck (finally) will join the squad. Also would be nice to see Lucena again and also Cagara..........we need the players with highest level to make good results. I would definately drop Jason De Jong from the list.......

  13. Yeah I think jonny forgot to include Misagh Bahadoran on that list. He is still a candidate.

  14. To whoever wrote the list, STOP using Fil-Am,Fil-English,Fil-Australian terms. Do you really have to label player with this? whats the point of doing so? Its really annoying reading this labels, I dont know, just put their heights instead.

    BTW while your at it, why didnt you label Chieffy as Ceb-Ilong? his dad is Ilonggo and the Mom is Cebuano.

    GOSH stop it.

  15. Possible Azkals add on players : http://cebufa.org/forum/index.php?topic=45.msg6163#msg6163

  16. @cjeagle : You are right , Misagh may still be a candidate , even though he is not in Cebu . It could be personal reasons? He is on UFL list of candidates for All-star UFL team against Azkals on 5. June. That could indicate he has been dropped from Azkals team ?

  17. jonny,

    I just saw pictures of him in iloilo and maybe in cebu partying with the other guys. Well not everyone can play for the Azkals in the all star game. They will probably allow some of the national player to play for the UFL team.

  18. Thanks , I was using the list that Cebu Daily News published , they must have missed him. I will add him on the list. Other players in Cebu now that is not on my list ?

  19. It is not the first time local newspapers publish incomplete or even inaccurate lists. You have to be used to that by now. (-:
    If you check misagh's facebook account, he said he was on his way to Cebu yesterday.

    You also did not include 17 y/o OJ Porteria. I think he has been rehabbing his knee which he injured on the first day of training, in Manila all this time. Probably out of the running for WC qualifiers but a candidate for the U-23.

  20. who is misagh bahadoran? who is OJ porteria? where did they come from? sorry for my ignorance

  21. misagh played vs cpu koreans here at iloilo, he was one of the few azkals who played well.

  22. At jhonny, cjeagle and others:

    Roll down to the article publish by a certain Michelle P. So. "The Azkals in Cebu" there is a very interesting comment by a certain Anonymous. I am quite sure you can also write something about this comment.

    In case you haven't noticed, NOBODY cares that some of our players are mixed. All we really care about is that they are the best footballers playing for our national team.

  24. Can someone list their age, height, position and caps?

    Thank you in advance.

  25. ...also please list the clubs that they play for instead of the nationality. They're all Pinoys for all we care.

  26. Acc. to PFSA "Michael Falkesgaard ( Broendby IF ) will join the team for sure on June 19 in Duren Germany".

    Even if he does, he won't have time to process his papers(Fifa switch and passport) for the Sri Lanka game so he will most likely be considered for the U-23 team in July if it is not cancelled or the 2nd rd WC qualifying game against Kuwait as a backup to Etheridge.

  27. Man! Stop this labelling. This has nothing to do with the game. Take note - "THEY ARE ALL FILIPINOS!!!" - irregardless of where they were born. That's why they will play for the Philippine Football Team, STOOPID!!!

  28. uhm, i think about Beloya etc, they can be sutable for the U23 but not yet for the WC qualifiers, there are more experienced players. About de Jong, he is not part of the azkals anymore but he will try out for the U23 team and accordingly be here on June 5
    anyways, about the 23-man list,
    aly borromeo
    anton del rosario
    neil etheridge
    yanti barsales
    rob gier
    chieffy caligdong
    roel gener
    ian araneta
    edward sacapano
    Paolo Pascual
    Yannick Tuason
    Ricardo Becite
    Nathan Burkey
    Jason Sabio
    Simon Greatwich
    Phil Younghusband
    James Younghusband
    Leigh Gunn
    Misagh Bahadoran
    Jerry Lucena
    Stephan Schröck
    Angel Guirado
    Ray Jonsson

    as for camcam: he had training earlier this month..

  29. @berlyn if beloya is not good as you think....then take out yannick
    tuason....because he dont play evenly with the tournament....he play poorly
    even in the under 23....dolino, beloya and gustilo is much more better than

    people...sorry but the filipino base abroad are can not be categorized as
    filipino citizen maybe dual citizen so can call them dual fil-am, fil-brit
    etc because that is there stature.......though we can call them filipino in
    ethnic origin....ethnic origin and citizenship is very different......
    what the hellbasta may dugong pinoy ayos...

  30. There is a new potential addition to that list who is European based who could potentially be one of the best players on the team. There is a question when and if he can get a passport but if he does, he is an automatic addition to the team because of his credentials. Let us await further developments.

  31. The person I am referring to is Paul Mulders from Holland, who just recently signed with Dutch Eredivisie(Premier division) side Ado Den Haag as an attacking midfielder. He has announced on his facebook account that he will be joining the Azkals next week in Manila.

  32. To Anonymous MAY 27, 2011 4:30 PM

    You evidently don't get it. No one really cares that some of our players hold dual citizenship. NOBODY!!

    The labeling is completely absurd and totally ridiculous. Subconsciously, labeling some players creates a division instead of complete unity in our team. Honestly, I find it mind-boggling why there's an obsession with labeling in our country. It must end!

  33. cjeagle:

    How did we find Paul Mulders to be part Filipino or did he approach our team?