27 May 2011

Azkals’ match in Rizal Memorial stadium to be a full-blown fan experience

Didn’t fully enjoy the Azkals’ game in Pana-ad? Didn’t get to go to Bacolod at all? Just watched the match on television or Youtube?

Fret no more because the upcoming World Cup qualifiers match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium is bound to be a great experience for the fans.

The Philippine Football Federation wants to "create an atmosphere where the people will enjoy being there" at the home leg of the Azkals versus Sri Lanka series.

According to Bonnie Ladrido, chairman of the local organizing committee for the World Cup Qualifiers, the PFF will try to make fan shirts available so expect a sea of either blue or white across the newly-renovated stadium.

But more than the shirts and the comfier seats, what the fans should really watch for is the “booster squad" which will lead the crowd in cheering the Azkals on.

Memories and lessons of Panaad

“I was at the game in Panaad last February. The fans felt a little lost when it came to cheering for the team. Fan support for the Azkals is pretty much young, so the cheers could really be worked on," said football fan Joes Santos.

“But I really hope they don't use the theme song from Pinoy Big Brother again. It was as cheesy as it was annoying," Santos remarked.

The Fan Management Committee led by Richard “Ebong" Joson – the guy with the face paint and blue wig during the Panaad game – will put together the booster squad. It will be made up of about 50 people who will create organized cheers for the Azkals.

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  1. Booster squad?!? LOL! That is so sad!

  2. You don't know anything about world football, do you? They are common throughout the football world and add color, atmosphere and excitement to the games with their chants, flags, streamers and sometimes fireworks. They consist of diehard fanatics that travel to support their teams. Occasionally esp. the Ultras, they have been known to start fights with other fans on the opposing team.

  3. Wow... Like you're an expert yourself? Whatever man, shut up!

    It's obvious that this booster squad that the PFF have in mind isn't the same as traveling die hard fanatics, ultras (lol, you bringing up ultras) or anything like that from anywhere else in the world.

    Whats even more sad is, they're trying impose some sort of football culture by doing this. Or trying to make it look like the "Philippines has arrived" in terms of the footballing world. It's cheesy, sad and ridiculous.

  4. Whoever you are, you are apparently new here. I don't live in the Philippines and I know what I am talking about. Obviously they are just starting out in the Philippines when it comes to adding supporter groups and other elements of football culture and they still have a lot to learn. Countries outside Europe and South America at one time or another had to undergo this process as well, so don't sound like this is not anything new.
    By the way, if you want to talk trash here, why don't use a handle instead of hiding behind an anonymous tag.

  5. kups ka talaga. ok yan may booster squad para mamemorize ng mga tao yung chants.

    suggestion lang wag naman sana gamitin yung burat na pinoy ako, at yung mas nakakaburat na who let the dog out.

  6. it is annoying to hear you keep saying so sad, so sad. of course, we have not yet arrived and we are just starting the journey but for many of us diehard football fans who have waited for many many years for this moment, we prefer to just enjoy the ride

  7. i hope the johnny-come-lately fans realize this

  8. To Anonymous MAY 27, 2011 12:21 PM

    I'm puzzled why you find it funny and sad that the PFF is attempting to create an atmosphere where fans can enjoy the game experience. The Philippines is a basketball-mad nation so football probably comes a distant second in terms of team sports.

    The PFF should be applauded instead of ridiculed for finally organizing the fanbase and creating a national cheer. I can only hope they create a fun and upbeat and easy to remember cheer/chant.