28 July 2017

One-day football tournaments: The Philippines’ concerning challenge

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One-day football tournaments are the most common football tournaments everywhere in the Philippines. It is always a fun day for young players and parents.
But what makes it so bad for the Philippines football authorities?

The Philippines needs these tournaments, there is no doubt about that. But there are aspects that are not conducive for player’s development. The desire for winning titles at all cost and then the parents’ involvement on the sideline can be problematic. They can be the stuff of nightmares.
These tournaments are the most common tournaments that Philippines young players participate in weekly but it has created a negative impact on them when they move on to eleven-a-side football. It has defined what people call ‘Philippines style’.
The first time I heard this, I asked the person, what is the Philippines’ style of football? He said “long balls.”
The fields are small and time is short in these seven or eight-a-side competitions, long balls to a target man or direct kick to the goal are a common playing style. Young players grow up playing this way.
Build up play is almost non-existent. The desire to win titles at all cost and share photos on the social media has taken away the developmental process of playing the beautiful game.
Parents involvements have been great for the players but to have ten or twenty parents shout different instructions at the same time to a player in the field is a nightmare. Young players are not given a chance to learn, explore and make football decisions independently.
As the Philippines national teams are struggling to perform at the international level, they need help in the grassroots.
Implementing tournament rules that enforce build up play in young players and limit long ball style will go a long way in developing complete young Filipinos.
Tournaments organisers can also introduce no shouting of instruction to players rule during matches to parents or have parents and spectators sitting area during competitions.
This will give the coaches a chance to do their job.

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