21 July 2017

AFC U-23 Championship 2018 Qualifiers CHINA vs PHILIPPINES 2-0 FULL HIGHLIGHTS


  1. 2 straight losses Mr Marlon Maro and the PFF. Magpractice lng kasi kayo pag malapit na ang tournament kaya sa kangkungan ang patungohan palagi..

  2. AFF 2017 U15 Championship PI is 10th. with -11 GD. AFC 2018 U23 Qualifier PI is bottom with -10 GD in just 2 games.

    This is NOT just the number of practices when the quality of coaching is NOT there, the blind leading the blind. Player selection should improve, unfortunately the coaching staff HAVE NO GLUE on who to choose and what the team game plan should be. i.e. NO TEAM IDENTITY.

    Is the PFF proud of this homegrown grassroots accomplishments? Heads should start rolling.

    1. The question should be this : Is the PFF proud of these coaches now? Quality players, promising plays and achievements are all indicative of a promising coaching career. But the results say otherwise and the fault should be on the PFF and not on the players..