28 July 2017

Missing Transfer Information Causes Frustration For PFL Fans

by Lerche Njang

The transfer window is a time in which football fans NEED to be constantly updated with the most reliable news. However, this is not happening in the Philippines. 

In football, the transfer window is a time that is as big as a cup finals. It is the period that football fans stay tuned into the radio, television, and other social media outlets in order to find out which player has moved out, and who has come in.
The transfer window is an exciting time in which football agents find themselves busy in their secret meetings with sporting directors negotiating for their players. Scouts find themselves moving from tournament to a tournament, trying to find the next possible Messi and Ronaldo. During this time, leagues and clubs records are smashed, negotiation stalled, young players are called up to the first team or loan out.
Big names are switching clubs in the PFL, but the Philippine football news is missing many transfer window talking points, leaving fans confused and frustrated.
Simone Rota, a great defender that joined Ceres Negros FC from Stallion Laguna FC six months ago, is among the top names that have switched clubs in the Philippines football League transfer window.
In the Philippines, football fans rely mostly on social media to get the latest information. However, players transfer detail is kept a secret.
It is clear that the first thing that the fans want to see in the transfer window is which player is moving in and who has moved out. The talking points are usually: the negotiation process, intermediary involves, terms of contracts, and the figures attached to the transfer.
With Davao Aguilas FC’s capture of Jason de Jong, Matt Hartmann, Harrison Sawyer, Simone Rota, and Jorrel Aristorenas during this years windo, there is a strong possibility they have smashed the club’s transfer record. However, transfer information is kept a secret.
There have been many questions revolving around the transfer window this year. Who is the most expensive player in the PFL? The most expensive foreign player in the PFL? The most expensive Filipino player in the PFL? However, thanks to the confidentiality of the transfer details, the only answer that can be provided is: Who knows?

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