30 April 2014

Talbot joins Young Azkals in Japan tourney

By Jerome Galunan Jr.


Bago City native Jonathan Talbot recently joined the 14U National Team which saw action in Japan featuring 16 teams from across Southeast Asia

The nationals registered a remarkable finish at sixth over-all, beating teams from Cambodia and Thailand, including a draw to eventual winner, Vietnam.
Talbot, who is currently studying at the Ateneo de Manila University, is among the nine players coming from the Visayan Region.
The team is also looking forward for more international exposures in the future./

Watchmen Daily Journal - WDJ


  1. Jerome, allow me to correct some facts in your blog. Am not sure where you got it but for the benefit of our readers, allow me to state:

    a. Jonathan was part of the national pool but was not part of the national team that competed in Japan. The kid is a good player though and I am sure he will find his place in the national team in the future.

    b. Although we beat Cambodia, we only had a draw with Thailand. Also, we lost to Vietnam who peventually placed 5th. The eventual winner was Timor Leste.

    c. I am not sure on this but Jonathan is the pride of NCRFA and is not part of the Visayan contingent.

    d.Finally, there were only 12 national teams in the tournament. The two other teams (Cerezo and Gamba)are club teams and are not national teams. The games with them were no bearing matches.

    1. Wait, why would you correct something you're not even sure of; for instance point C. It confuses the reader. I guess the bottom line, and is a good thing, is that this kid is in the pool for our NT.

  2. Watchmen and Visayan Daily Star media are all having this Talbot news which really bothers me because he is not that really good in Football. I've meet many times with him and his team when he was in Negros and the boy's father was very annoying in the sideline always shouting instruction here and there to the team and mostly to his son. Not only that , they are mostly overage players in their category which gives them a runway trophy most of the time and as usual made a darling of the press whenever they win but most of those games are purely Football Festivals in a 7 aside games only. I wonder why there are many standouts in the U14 rank but always choose to sensationalize this boy who didn't make the final cut to Japan in Jenesys 2.0

  3. Jonathan Talbot is the best player that came from Negros Occidental and his father started Football in bacolod and these now clubs, they just followed. Goodluck kid